Seriously Addictive Mathematics: Maths made fun!!!

Seriously Addictive Mathematics: Maths made fun!!!

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is a specialised Mathematics Learning Programme made in Singapore, especially for Singaporean kids! Find out more here...


Make your child LOVE math with Seriously Addictive Mathematics!

Where would we be without mathematics? We need it for many of our simplest day-to-day activities.

Whether it’s halving or doubling quantities for a recipe or doing our taxes, we need maths for lots of things. So it’s no surprise that maths is one of the most important subjects our kids learn in school.

However, maths can also be one of the hardest subjects for a child to excel at because it requires high levels of logical and critical thinking.

Because of this, some kids may find maths tedious and boring. Wouldn’t it be just great if there was a fun, yet highly effective, way for kids to learn maths?

Introducing Seriously Addictive Mathematics, more popularly known as S.A.M.


Seriously Addictive Mathematics: Made in Singapore for Singaporean kids!

What is Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M)?

S.A.M is a Mathematics Learning Program from Singapore, with a unique curriculum modelled after the globally popular Singapore Mathematics Program, and designed for students from 4-12 years of age. Here are some of S.A.M’s standout features:

  • They have over 30,000 pages of carefully designed self-learning worksheets with a unique step-up approach.
  • They align their curriculum with the Singapore/MOE Math syllabus, unlike other Maths enrichment programs out there that are developed overseas.
  • After assessing your child, S.A.M will design a customised learning program, specially tailored for your child.
  • They believe in a holistic approach to maths, and focus on skills such as Critical Thinking, Heuristics, Logical Reasoning, Metacognitive Understanding, Modelling Techniques and Situational Word Problems.
  • S.A.M engages students through The Worksheet Experience and The Classroom Experience — they call this the Two Learning Pillars.

The Worksheet Experience

This is all about engaging students at an individual level for study at home, and instills self-discipline and independent learning, both necessary skills required in all manner of learning, not just Mathematics.

S.A.M worksheets are designed with narrative instructions and relevant examples before each topic commences. The volume of work and level of difficulty are all carefully calibrated to ensure that learning remains challenging yet fun for every student.


If your child is struggling with maths at school, S.A.M can help him or her learn to love mathematics.

The Classroom Experience

In the Classroom experience, students are engaged with dialogue, props, games, probing questions and a healthy dose of encouragement by certified S.A.M Trainers.

During this time, the Trainer for each class will also take note of how each student is coping with his work, his rate of progress and his level of motivation.

Qualified S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instill mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate the right learning attitude and self discipline in them, in preparation for their future.

All Seriously Addictive Mathematics Centres offer courses for children aged 4-12 years old (pre-primary and P1-P6)

Parents, do you think S.A.M sounds like an ideal Maths Enrichment Program for your kids?

To help you decide whether Seriously Addictive Mathematics is right for your child, we gathered some important information from S.A.M Centres around Singapore, including details related to their teaching methods and goals, opening hours, etc.

Click on the following Centres to find out more about them:

For information on S.A.M Jurong Centre, please go to the next page…

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

S.A.M Jurong offers fun and stimulating ways for kids to learn maths: this young student is learning math through drawing bar models

S.A.M Jurong Centre


The program was developed by an experienced MOE teacher, and is aligned with the Singapore/MOE syllabus. It also fosters critical thinking and positive attitudes in Maths learning.

Trainers at the Jurong Centre help kids understand maths questions correctly, and identify and re-organize relevant details and apply adequate strategies to solve problems, by assisting them in developing high-order thinking and bar model drawing needed to solve such problems.

This centre takes the stress away from parents who might be struggling to help their child with maths for reasons such as not being familiar with current teaching methods, or simply not having the time.

S.A.M Jurong centre management also understands the impact of great teachers on children’s motivation to learn. As such, only those who genuinely love children and can communicate well with them are selected for their teaching team.


Your child will learn to use logic and critical thinking with S.A.M methods.


According to a parent of a girl in the Jurong Centre, when she was in another program, she found Mathematics repetitive and boring. But since starting S.A.M at the Jurong Centre, she now finds maths interesting and relevant to her schoolwork, motivating her to learn more.

After learning at the centre for less than 3 months, this girl scored full marks in the last maths exam in May!

Here’s another testimonial:

“Before joining S.A.M my daughter was finding it a task when she has to do maths homework and she was finding it challenging to solve the complicated maths questions. Since she has joined S.A.M I can see she has become more confident in approaching the maths questions and she has been looking forward to the class every Saturday.”

Check out the Jurong Centre’s Facebook page here.

Seriously addictive mathematics

This little girl sure looks happy to be learning maths the fun way at S.A.M Jurong Centre!


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Jurong Centre is located at:

Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road


Singapore 600134 (Close to J Cube)


Tuesday: Noon-6pm

Thursday: 3pm-9pm

Saturday: 9am-4pm

Sunday: 9am-2pm


6899 9302

For information on S.A.M Toa Payoh Centre, please go to the next page…


Give your child’s maths skills a boost at S.A.M Toa Payoh!

S.A.M Toa Payoh Centre


S.A.M Toa Payoh’s philosophy is that every child can be good in Math — it is about using the right approach.

At S.A.M Toa Payoh, the lessons are conducted in small class size, with each student progressing at their own optimal pace. Lesson materials and teaching methods are customized and adapted to each individual child’s learning style, bringing out the best in the child naturally.

This child-centered approach allows each student to learn at a comfortable pace, which is key in helping to build up their confidence, interest and love for maths.

When that is achieved, students  become self-motivated and eager to tackle challenging maths problems, and want to learn more and excel.

They not only develop the mathematical knowledge and skillsets but also the right attitudes for them to succeed.

Ms Esther Kho, Executive Director of S.A.M Toa Payoh, was a straight ‘A’s student and an MOE scholar.

She is passionate about letting children learn maths in a fun and effective way, and making abstract concepts simple for children to understand, allowing them to enjoy the process and love maths.

According to Ms Kho:

“We make Math come alive for our students through the interactions of our SAM certified trainers with the students, and the creative use of hands-on manipulatives, stories and games to help students easily understand mathematical concepts and problem solving strategies.

Our program places emphasis on giving children a strong mathematical foundation, by developing strong number sense, critical thinking and problem solving skills through bar modelling, visualization and heuristics.

Being good in arithmetic and quick mental calculation, as well as drilling and memorization are not sufficient in helping kids do well in school these days. Children need to develop higher-order thinking skills to be able to excel in school and in the real world. And many parents realize that SAM is the right program that is now available to fill that gap.”


At S.A.M Toa Payoh, learning is child-centered, which means the needs of your child will always come first


S.A.M Toa Payoh was set up in 2013, and their student size has grown significantly since, largely from referrals of siblings, relatives and friends of existing students.

The growth is primarily due to more and more parents seeing the benefit of their approach.

Below are some reviews and testimonials shared by happy parents on S.A.M Toa Payoh’s facebook page:

“I like SAM’s way of teaching math via hands-on approach together with specially crafted worksheets. It helps my two children (P2 & P4) to understand problem sum better and pick up new Math concepts quickly. I am happy to see that they are really understanding the subject and not just memorizing and I see great improvement in their school results within a short time.” – Ms Ng F.Y. (Parent of Angeline, P2 and Ronald, P4)

“SAM had brought to my son a deeper understanding to math problem solving. This was shown after 2 1/2 months with the center at Toa Payoh when he got better marks on his school assessments.” – Mr Trevor Yap (Parent of Ryan, P4)


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Toa Payoh Centre is located at:

Blk 83 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, #01-455

Singapore 310083

It’s conveniently located within 3-5min walking distance from the Toa Payoh MRT station. It’s a ground floor unit, with a convenient car drop-off point and car park directly outside the centre.


The bright, airy classrooms at S.A.M Toa Payoh


SAM Toa Payoh conducts lessons both on weekdays and weekends. It offers free trial assessment for kids of interested parents.

This gives an opportunity for them to share with parents the strengths and weaknesses of their child, and provide advice on how parents can help their children.

Please call 6258 2008 to schedule for a trial assessment.

You can find out more about SAM Toa Payoh on their facebook page.

SAM Toa Payoh has also specially created a youtube video to share with parents how learning has changed, and how they can help their children love and excel in Math. Enjoy!

For information on S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre, please go to the next page…


Find us: S.A.M @ Pandan Valley Centre

S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre


S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre knows how important it is to have a thorough grasp of maths for both the classroom and “the real-world”, which is why they aim to make their program exciting, relevant and seriously addictive.

The Centre seamlessly covers the MOE syllabus whilst drawing in the attention of their most valued clients, the children, using fun and realistic examples on specially crafted worksheets.

The Centre’s approach revolves around creating touch-points for each topic before developing the theories further.

Their tutors closely monitor the progress of their young ones to make sure they are not simply following a set schedule but are pushed to explore new ideas and dive deeper into their weaker links.

S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre welcomes all ages (their youngest so far is 4) and all levels.


Colourful and comfortable: One of the classrooms at S.A.M Pandan Valley

Here’s what parents are saying about S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre:

“Genuine care and concern is why I choose S.A.M Pandan Valley Centre for my child. Alexis’ improvement in maths is testimony to Roslyn and Siew Yin’s invaluable effort and dedication to prepare her for a smooth transition into Primary One.” — Eileen Cheh, Alexis Poh’s mum

“Ever since Adam joined SAM Pandan Valley Centre, his love for math has grown even more. He’s always excited about his work and eager to do sums because its now that much easier to figure out. This is all due to his weekly learnings. Put it this way, I wouldn’t send him anywhere else. ” — Gina Petterson, Adam’s mum


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Pandan Valley Centre is located at:

2 Pandan Valley

#01-202 Acacia Court


Tuesday to Friday: 11.30 am-7 pm

Saturday: 9 am-5.30 pm


6463 0056

For more information, please email the Centre at [email protected]

For information about S.A.M Thomson Centre, please go to the next page..


The entrance to S.A.M Thomson Centre

S.A.M Thomson Centre


The objective of their curriculum is to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills among kids, through mathematics.

In the process, maths also becomes interesting for the children as they are taught to understand mathematical concepts instead of rote learning, and get to apply what they learn into problem contexts.

S.A.M Thomson Centre is totally aligned to the MOE curriculum, so parents also look to this Centre’s curriculum as a means to improve their child’s maths performance in school.

Due to their specialization in Singapore Maths, S.A.M Thomson Centre’s curriculum caters to development in problem sums, visualization and logical reasoning skills.


S.A.M Thomson Centre encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills among kids.

When it comes to pre-schoolers, tutors at S.A.M Thomson Centre leverage their experience in primary school maths education to systematically develop pre-school kids’ mathematical skills, with an emphasis on understanding concepts. This is the foundation on which they can further hone their mathematical skills.

This Centre also believes in leveraging science and technology  to help improve learning efficiency in students. For example, they systematically track student performance data to analyze their development areas for targeted action.

They are also developing approaches to support effective memorization of mathematical concepts based on optimal recall intervals.


“Before my son joined SAM, he had no knowledge about mathematics as well as totally no interest in counting. Less than a month in SAM, my son can perform addition independently, and now he is learning subtraction. He has also built a lot of confidence in Mathematics, and he can even teach his grandparent how to do it. He also enjoys every lesson in SAM, as all the teachers in SAM are very friendly, very patient and really show a great passion in teaching.”

“I have no regret sending my son to SAM, and I thank SAM for helping my son be so confident now in Mathematics.”


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Thomson Centre is located at:

9 Sin Ming Road

#01-03, Thomson V One

Singapore 575630


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 11am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

S.A.M Thomson Centre is closed on Thursdays and Sundays.


6456 4898.

For information on S.A.M Bukit Timah, please go to the next page…


Check out the S.A.M Centre at Bukit Timah!

S.A.M Bukit Timah Plaza Centre


S.A.M Bukit Timah Plaza Centre started operations in April 2014 and there has been a steady increase in the number of enrolments since they opened.

Certified Trainers at S.A.M Bukit Timah Centre believe in providing a holistic approach to maximize children’s potential in understanding new mathematical concepts and relate them to real life situations.

They are well-equipped with the skills of using teaching aids and manipulatives to create concrete experiences for the children and guiding them through challenging sums in the worksheet experiences.

The Centre Manager shared that they have seen improvements in the attitudes of the younger ones who are now able to focus for a longer period of time to complete their given tasks.

These children have also become more independent and can now work on their own after the trainers communicate the concepts through interactive ways to them.


Here are some parent testimonials about S.A.M Bukit Timah Centre:

Testimonial from Parents:

“I searched for an intense math program which will empower our daughter with the additional tools needed and Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) has been an amazing experience for our 7 year old.

Michelle is such a patient, gentle and thorough teacher that has given our daughter the experience from just the first day to say that Math is now her favourite.

She looks so forward to the lessons all the time and there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you are able to give your child the strong foundation she needs to keep her motivated and to tackle it with confidence.

Thanks Michelle. …you are such a star!”

seriously addictive mathematics

Happy kids love learning maths at S.A.M Bukit Timah!

“I was looking at maths enrichment program for both my 9 year-old (Primary 3) and 6 year-old (K2) girls. I came across the website and decided to call S.A.M Bukit Timah for a trial assessment. After the trial assessments, my girls were excited to sign up for the program because the trainer could communicate well with them. I decided to enrol them to try out the program.

Since April, I’ve seen great improvement towards approaching word problems for my 9 year-old girl. She is now able to solve word problems with the use of bar modelling techniques. Teacher Michelle has been very patient in explaining the step-by-step bar modelling to her and she can handle math problem sums independently.

My 6 year-old is able to use different approaches to solve addition and subtraction sums. The program has helped them to learn about different methods to approach mathematical sums and most importantly, changed their attitude towards Maths. Their confidence levels have increased and I will definitely recommend this program to my friends.” – Mrs Hor, Parent


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Bukit Timah Centre is located at:

1 Jalan Anak Bukit

#02-27 Bukit Timah Plaza

Singapore 588996


Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-7pm

Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays


6466 1684

Click here to view S.A.M Bukit Timah Centre’s facebook page.

For information on S.A.M Parkway Centre, please go to the next page…


At Seriously Addictive Mathematics Parkway, maths is made fun with the use of stimulating props and games.

S.A.M Parkway Centre


The Manager of this Centre explains that when it comes to kids in the pre-primary level, they learn to read instructions and attempt questions on their own — on top of the skills that the tutors at this centre impart to them based on their maths capabilities.

Therefore, not only do kids’ mathematical skills improve, their ability to be independent and grasp good language as well as analytical skills improve quickly, which shows how their program emphasises a holistic approach.

The Manager further explains that 80% of their students in the Primary level have improved at least a grade after being with them for as short as a term.

They are well-prepared and confident for their examinations, learn to analyse questions better and are no longer intimidated by long problem sums.

Parents have positive feedback that their children have regained a lot of passion and confidence for maths.

Parents also marvel at how quickly this Centre’s efficient program results in positive and significant results on their kids’ report cards, yet at the same time makes maths fun for the children.

All trainers at S.A.M Parkway are very friendly. In fact, a lot of kids do not want to leave after class!


If you live in the East, S.A.M Parkway is the best Maths Enrichment Centre for your child!


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Parkway Centre is located at:

1 Marine Parade Central

#10-02 Parkway Centre

Singapore 449408 (above McDonalds)


Bus Services: 15, 31, 36, 43, 48, 76, 135, 196, 197, 966, *853 *(Sundays and Public Holidays)

Shuttle Bus to Parkway Parade and cross the road to Parkway Centre

2-way service between Bedok and Parkway Parade departs every 20 minutes at 2 convenient locations:

  • Bedok MRT Station – At the taxi stand opposite the bus interchange. Last pickup from Bedok is at 8.00pm.
  • Parkway Parade – Marine Parade Central outside DBS Bank. Last pickup from Parkway Parade is at 10.00pm. On Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays this service operates from 11.00am – 10.00pm


6348 9048

To learn about S.A.M Tampines Centre, please go to the next page…

Seriously Addictive Mathetmatics

S.A.M Tampines Centre

S.A.M Tampines Centre


Teachers at S.A.M Tampines know maths can be daunting to children, and sometimes even to parents.

This is why they inculcate the right skills and a positive learning attitude towards the subject when children are young. They believe that by attending S.A.M, all children will truly enjoy learning maths.


Parents have responded very favourably to the program and have stated that materials are especially helpful in helping the children understand math better.


Manipulatives used by the centre simplify complex mathematics problems that would otherwise be very hard to understand.

Students are also able to see the problem from a different perspective and this helps them understand mathematics in a more comprehensive and effective way.


Adrian (the Centre Manager) points out that not only are students more engaged after enrolling in the programme, they also start to appreciate mathematics.


Blk 477 Tampines Street

43 #01-156

Singapore 520477


Tuesday to Friday: 12 noon to 6pm

Saturday: 10am to 4.30pm


6260 8687

For information on S.A.M Serangoon Centre, please go to the next page…

seriously addictive mathematics

S.A.M Serangoon Centre

S.A.M Serangoon Centre

This Centre is the newest branch of S.A.M, and has just started its operations in July 2014. The master trainer in this centre — Ms Aveline Tan — has more than 12 years of teaching experience in coaching students of different learning abilities

Graduating with a Degree in Social Work and Counselling in 2002, she started her journey as a full time private tutor specializing in coaching Maths and Science to students ages 8 to 14 years old.

In 2011, in order be more comprehensive in this field, she completed a course in DAS Foundation Certificate in Supporting Learners with Numeracy Difficulties. This has widened her scope of teaching skills in Maths.

Ms Tan also developed a teaching methodology which encompasses the use of mind maps and illustrations in teaching Science, and also effective Mathematical tools that speed up students’ learning curve of grasping difficult concepts.

She has worked with many students who have learning difficulties academically and they can easily relate to her because of her strong and effective communicative skills in teaching.


The staff at S.A.M Serangoon Branch believe in the saying: “Success is a series of small wins in life and a sum of repeated efforts of day in and day out”.

The Trainers at S.A.M Serangoon are passionate about encouraging their students to develop a continuous interest and a strong conceptual understanding towards Mathematics through the use of fun and interactive use of concrete teaching and visual aids during classes.

Through these constant interactions of fun and stimulating Maths activities created by Ms Tan and her team, students are self-motivated towards achieving and celebrating small steps of success each time they solve a challenging sum in Maths by themselves.

Trainers at this Centre hope to nurture and inculcate in their students values of independence, discipline and consistency through regular practice of their worksheets.

At the same time, Trainers at this Centre hope to empower and nurture their students with self-confidence and strong analytical skills, which, along with values of independence and discipline, are key elements to success in life when they are adults.

seriously addictive mathematics

A bright, cheerful classroom at S.A.M Serangoon


Blk 237, Serangoon Avenue 3
#01-110 Singapore 550237

This Centre is conveniently located at the heart of Serangoon, and is only a 5-6 minutes walk from Serangoon MRT station (Exit F) and NEX Shopping Centre.


S.A.M Serangoon Centre welcomes enquiries at any time on 6846-9776. 

You can also email them at: [email protected]

Parents, what are you waiting for? Contact the nearest S.A.M Centre today and make maths your child’s favourite subject!

Does your child follow the Seriously Addictive Mathematics Curriculum? We would love to hear how he or she is benefiting from S.A.M so do leave a comment below and let us know!

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