Must-go event! : Sentosa Flowers 2013

Must-go event! : Sentosa Flowers 2013

The Sentosa Flowers festival is back this year and seems set to be bigger and better. For the first time this year, the floral festival is set at Palawan Beach! An ideal destination for families, check out this article to find out more.

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Have a superb family activity outing at Sentosa Flower Festival

The annual Sentosa Flowers festival returns once again this year so visitors can look forward to ushering in Chinese New Year on an auspicious note. Since 2005, this annual event has enjoyed roaring success and rave reviews due to its spectacular flower displays and myriad of exciting activities on offer. Part of the overwhelming success of the festival can be attributed to the organiser’s commitment to keeping the event vibrant by adding fresh new elements each year. So even if you have visited the festival before, that is no excuse for you to miss out on this highly anticipated event this year. In line with this Lunar New Year being the Year of the Snake, visitors can expect the theme of this year’s festival to be in conjunction with the snake sign.

flower, Sentosa, activities, festival

Ideal destination for families

The spectacular flora and fauna provide a welcome respite from the harsh urban environment many of us are used to. Since most of us are usually confined indoors, the chance to have some fun in the sun will provide a refreshing change of environment. The numerous award winning flower displays provide countless photo opportunities for you to capture beautiful memories with your family with nature serving as a spectacular backdrop.

Since Chinese New Year is a time for bonding with our family, the Sentosa Flowers festival is organised with that important notion in mind. What better way to have a great time with your loved ones than to be surrounded by the beauty of nature while engaging in interactive family friendly activities. The multitude of activities lined up during the event will provide no lack of opportunities for your family to have an enjoyable time. Many of the activities are educational as well so both your family and you will probably learn a lesson or two. The following section will give you an insight into the kind of activities you can look forward to during the festival.

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Event highlights

There are so many exciting activities during the festival it has been a real headache trying to narrow it down to determine which should be considered an event highlight since they all sound so fun! After much deliberation, we have finally decided to zone in on 5 enticing photo-points.

flower, Sentosa, activities, festival

Rainbow Snake

Inspired by the Year of the Snake, the rainbow snake is being marketed as the main attraction for this years’ Sentosa Flowers festival and is definitely a must-see for visitors. Featuring the spectacular colours of the spectrum of the rainbow, the rainbow snake would definitely be a visual feast for the eyes. Furthermore, since it’s in the shape of a snake, this attraction could very well help assure you an auspicious start to the New Year.

Beach fun

It’s not just flora and fauna which awaits you in the Sentosa Flowers festival, the sandy beaches are going to be filled with exciting activities as well. Take a stroll along the Glittering Sandy Snake trail with your loved ones and soak in the beautiful sights and sounds of the beach. Alternatively, you can also witness history in the making as famous sand sculptor JOOheng leads a team of volunteers as they attempt to become immortalised in the Singapore Book of Records by creating the longest snake sculpture. There is also an art gallery featuring beautiful art pieces for your admiration at the beach as well.

Giant Floral Carpet

An attraction not to be missed, the ambitious organisers of this year’s Sentosa Flowers Festival is endeavouring to enter the Singapore Book of Records with this Giant Floral Carpet. Comprising of more than 30,000 real flowers and measuring a staggering 50 metres by 40 metres, guests can expect to be greeted with impeccable flower patterns and create picture perfect shots surrounded by beautiful flowers.

String Garden

Have you ever seen a garden suspended in mid-air? Chances are you haven’t which is all the more reason why this highlight is not to be missed. Created by Tivoli Gardens from Denmark, the old tradition of Japanese bonsai is utilised with the help of Kokedama (moss ball) to transform potted plants into balls of soil and plants suspended in mid-air. This spectacular sight is a must see and visitors should also remember that there will be performances by the Tivoli Boys Guard from 10-13th February at 5pm.

Four Seasons of LOVE

While we may never be able to experience a four seasons climate, you can expect to be greeted with four seasons of love when you pay a visit to the Sentosa Flowers Festival. Featuring a spring, summer, autumn and winter love garden, each garden is uniquely decorated according to its theme so that visitors can indulge in the varying seasons of love.

Mark your calendar

flower, Sentosa, activities, festival

With so many things to look forward to, the Sentosa Flowers festival is definitely an event not to be missed. Remember to mark your calendar because it would be such a waste to miss out on all the fun you could be having at the festival.

Event Details:

Venue: Sentosa, Palawan Beach

Date: 9-17 February 2013

Time: 10am-7pm

*Price: Standard ticket- $5;  Advance ticket- $4

FREE* entry for Child (12 years old and below)

Purchase your tickets at !

*Terms and conditions apply

flower, Sentosa, activities, festival

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