This is why every parent should WALK to Sentosa with their kids this holiday

This is why every parent should WALK to Sentosa with their kids this holiday

Plus, get to enjoy the scenic boardwalk and catch the sunset with your loved ones!

In the blink of an eye, it’s already midway through March. And with March comes a whole lot of excitement, especially for the kids because it’s the school holidays! Even so, it seems that the buzz is still ever present with so many exciting events happening, such as the Sentosa FunFest 2019 and the upcoming Nickelodeon Fiesta
If you’re thinking of heading to Sentosa with your kids, perhaps choosing to take a stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk this time (and in the future) instead of taking the monorail, could present unexpected surprises!
Experience A Stroll Full of Surprises with 35 Specially Curated Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Be pleasantly surprised as you kickstart your journey from VivoCity to Sentosa.

35 vending machines has taken over the Sentosa boardwalk with loads of interesting treats, games and opportunities for quality family bonding.

It’s like an attraction in itself with the added retail factor: you get to buy whatever you need while enjoying the scenic view along the 670m scenic walk into Sentosa island. 

It’s a Boardwalk AdVENDture for a reason, just saying…

Vending Machine Goodness Split Into Four Curated Sections

Expect to find over 50 brands showcased in these Sentosa Boardwalk vending machines through four curated clusters: Fresh Point, Gift Street, Fun Alley and Foodie Zone.

Look forward to the products from many first time vending machine vendors, as well as your favourite and iconic brands. They include Fragrance Bak Kwa, House of Seafood, to even a dedicated book vending machine! 

(Note: the list of brands / products highlighted below are not exhaustive)

1. Fresh Point (Snacks, refreshments and essentials)

The first stop is ‘Fresh Point’ where you can get whatever you need to beat the heat!

Walk down memory lane with nostalgic snacks by 99Nonya where you can find old-school delights like iced gem biscuits and pineapple biscuits. 

Other offerings include ice-cold drinks by Coca-Cola, , popular popcorn snacks by Eureka Snacks and beauty essentials such as the secret essence by su:m37°

There’s even a pretty photo wall as part of the su:m37° vending machine that presents a nice photo opportunity with the kids.

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

A wide selection of products are available from these vending machines, including first time vending machine vendor like Eureka Snacks and su:m37°.

Amongst the Sentosa Boardwalk vending machines also include one from the Art Faculty by Pathlight, a social enterprise vending machine featuring crafts and souvenirs by differently-abled artists. 
Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Vending machine featuring unique handcrafted products and artworks by artists from Pathlight.

By purchasing items from this vending machine, you will be helping to raise funds for Pathlight where all of the proceeds will go to them.

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Left: Focused on designing a handcrafted fan | Right: Showcasing of a differently-abled artist’s artwork, together with Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of Education.

If that’s not quite enough, there are also Power K mini KTV booths where you and your little ones can show off your vocal prowess!

2. ‘Gift Street’ (quirky souvenirs, local crafts and tourist favourites)

Whether or not you have a liking for artsy stuff, the ‘Gift Street’ section will be a refreshing find for all.

One interesting product you’ll find here is the premium ready-to-drink bird’s nest tonic—Pristine Bird Nest by Stessa Group. You can also expect to find traditional local snacks such as Bak Kwa and Salted Egg Yolk chips!

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

If that’s not quite up your alley, they also offer healthy nutty snacks from Nibbles by Farmgrocer. And if you’re looking for a unique gift, why not get your hands on some unique Singapore souvenirs and books?

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Take your pick of souvenirs from Love SG by Design and titles by World Scientific!

3. ‘Fun Alley’ (game machines and outdoor must-haves)

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Take a pit stop at ‘Fun Alley’ where you will find various game machines and essentials such as products from Banana Boat.

This is probably going to be your child’s favourite part where they can try for a Surprise Box by Royal Vending, consisting of occasion-themed gifts!

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Over here, you will find a range of high-quality technology gadgets as well as inspirational gifts for family and friends. 

Also, read till the end to find out how you can redeem a gift at the catcher machine in this section.

4. ‘Foodie Zone’ (air-conditioned area with a variety of food and drinks)

Foodie alert! This section houses more automated kiosks where affordable Singapore snacks, drinks and gourmet food await! Besides, it is also air-conditioned.

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

For just $59.90, you can choose from salted egg yolk, black pepper and chilli crabs.

There’s even a vending machine by House of Seafood that serves piping hot quality crabs to you within minutes for just $59.90! 

Mums and dads can also look forward to a semi-automated bar counter that offers Singapore cocktails and locally crafted beers, the first ever to be introduced.

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Semi-automated bar counter that offers Singapore cocktails and locally crafted beers. | Photo: Royal Vending, Boardwalk AdVENDture

Sentosa Boardwalk vending machines: Automated and cashless-enabled 

The whole boardwalk experience is meant to be fuss-free so that you can enjoy your adVENDture with ease and comfort. And these cashless-enabled vending machines only means that you don’t have to worry about having a lack of notes and/or coins. 

Various modes of payment are available, including Paylah!, PayNow and WeChat. 

Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Most of the Sentosa Boardwalk vending machines are cashless, which they clearly indicate on them itself.

Plus, because these vending machines operate on 24 hours, you can be sure to have access to whatever you need at any point in time. 

Talk about convenience and novelty!

Spot, Snap & Win @ ‘Fun Alley’
From now until 31 March, here’s a chance for you to WIN a gift at the catcher machine. Follow these steps for an instant win! 
1. Take a stroll down Boardwalk AdVENDture
2. Spot and snap a photo of these 5 products in the vending machines
Sentosa Boardwalk Vending Machines

Snap a picture of each of these items to redeem a free try at the catcher machine in ‘Fun Alley’!

3. Follow @Boardwalk_AdVENDture on Instagram
4. And you’re done! Redeem your gift at the catcher machine @ Fun Alley by showing your snaps

For more information on Royal Vending and Boardwalk AdVENDture, please visit their pages here:

Royal Vending’s website

Boardwalk AdVENDture Instagram

All pictures are photographed by theAsianparent. 

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