This ice cream is every kiasu's parent's answer to a healthy midday snack

This ice cream is every kiasu's parent's answer to a healthy midday snack

Guilt-free low-calorie ice creams? Yay or nay? Let's find out.

There is just something about ice cream that everyone loves. Icy, sweet and absolutely divine; it sluices over your tongue and into your throat, inducing that feel-good sensation. Kids adore them and adults, too, fall for its charm. Mums and dads, if your little one often craves for sweet treats like ice cream, you might be pleased to find that there is a healthier option for them out there — Callery’s Ice Cream.

Homegrown Singaporean Ice Cream With Reduced Calories

Callery's Ice Cream

Compared to other regular premium ice-cream (per serving), Callery’s contains up to 77% less calories, 80% less sugar and 77% less fat.

Callery’s Ice Cream is Singapore’s first “reduced-calorie” ice cream, developed by graduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with backgrounds in culinary arts, pharmaceuticals and engineering.

Together, they scoured the world for the best ingredients, dived deep into the science of food and ice-cream. 

The makers prides themselves on providing the best of both worlds — Opulent Taste, Minimal Calories.

Besides, they are made from fresh ingredients that are sourced responsibly, so you can be assured of the premiumness of them. Callery’s has even been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol. 

But before you become skeptical about whether “healthy” desserts and great taste can co-exist, read on.

Callery’s Ice Cream: Making The Calories Count

Callery's Ice Cream

A general comparison of 1 serving of Callery’s Vanilla Bean ice cream to other regular premium vanilla flavoured ice creams:

Brand Calories (kcal) Fat (g) Sugar (g)
Callery’s Vanilla Bean 59 3.6 4.5
Regular Premium Vanilla Ice-cream 115 – 250 6.6 – 16.0 12 – 20

**Compared to regular Premium ice-cream. Based on per serving of regular premium full-dairy ice-cream with 260-300 calories, 20-25g sugar and 16-19g total fat content.

If we were to compare again, to a popular ice cream brand, for example, there is indeed a stark difference in the calorie, sugar and fat content.

Callery's Ice Cream

The nutritional facts in Callery’s Vanilla Bean flavour.

The amount of calories contained in a single scoop of Callery’s ice cream can range between 59 ~ 72 calories depending on the flavour you choose; between vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

On the other hand, similar flavours from a popular ice cream brand can range between 240 ~ 260 calories.

Callery's Ice Cream

Nutritional facts in a popular ice cream brand of Vanilla flavour ice cream.

Even other low-calorie ice cream brands such as Dreyers, contains 100 calories in its creamy vanilla flavour, which is still higher than Callery’s at 59 calories — that’s equivalent to an apple. 

Still, despite cutting calories and sugar levels by about two-thirds, Callery’s ice cream still tastes as good as regular ice creams out there. And that leads us to think: is this too good to be true?

Natural Sweetener Used In Callery’s Ice Cream 

So what’s their secret? It all lies in the use of a natural sweetener in Callery’s ice creams called erythritol.

Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that tastes almost like sugar, has no side effects, and contains ALMOST ZERO in calories. 

Callery's Ice Cream

According to a study by Int J Dent., erythritol has been reported to have approximately 60 to 80% of the sweetness of sugar. And unlike other sugar replacements like xylitol and sorbitol, it does not cause bloatedness nor affect blood sugar levels. 

That makes Callery’s ice cream safe for diabetics and even children due to its low-calorie, sugar, and even fat content. 

Especially with the rise of chronic metabolic diseases in recent years, especially diabetes mellitus in Singapore and the Asian population, Callery’s ice cream has come timely. And that is also what motivated the makers of Callery’s to create these low-calorie ice creams. 

The whole idea is to provide a safe and healthier option for those who love sweet treats but are unable to enjoy them. 

Oral Health Benefits For Kids

Interestingly, while erythritol is known for its nutritional benefits, it also presents “a number of beneficial oral health effects”, according to the same study involving 485 children who consumed erythritol candies. 

As compared to other sugar replacement groups like xylitol and sorbitol, these children who frequently consumed erythritol candies experienced a higher reduction in dental plague. That also means a slow down of tooth decay. Isn’t that great news for parents whose kids love ice creams or sweets?

After all, who can resist a good scream-worthy ice cream? 

What Are The Flavours, How Much, And Where To Get Them?

Callery’s Ice Cream comes in three delectable flavours that comes in pints: Vanilla Bean, Belgian Dark Chocolate or Strawberries and Crème. 

  • Vanilla Bean (473ml, $16.90)

(77% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 77% Less Fat)

Callery's Ice Cream

Savour the flowery top note, with a full-bodied nuttiness that lingers on the palate. The vanilla flecks are something to experience too, with a slight ‘crisp’ that tells you that this is the real deal.

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate (473ml, $16.90)

(72% Less Calories | 80% Less Sugar | 71% Less Fat)

Callery's Ice Cream

Indulge in the most opulent dark chocolate ice-cream in the form of an incredibly rich and addictive concoction that leaves you wanting more. 

  • Strawberries and Crème (473ml, $16.90)

(76% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 75% Less Fat)

Callery's Ice Cream

Let strawberries, or Fraise in French, take center stage in this fresh-tasting ice cream, paired with premium cream for the perfect ballet of flavours on your palate. These ‘raw’ strawberries, any fresher, you would have to visit the farm yourself!

Callery’s Ice Creams are also available at honestbee, RedMart, FairPrice Finest stores, Oddle, Grab Food and Deliveroo.

For more information on Callery’s Ice Cream, check out their website at

All images are credited to Callery’s Ice Cream.

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