Sensitive skin stories: Find out how these mums found a gentle solution

Sensitive skin stories: Find out how these mums found a gentle solution

Four mums faced off against frustrating sensitive skin problems – eczema, extremely dry and itchy skin, and redness – and share how they discovered a gentle solution to challenging skin conditions.

Sensitive skin problems are common, but their effects are far from just skin-deep. Beyond being a source of discomfort, sensitive skin problems can have a significant impact on one’s confidence and lifestyle. As mums, we would hate for this to happen to our families – or ourselves! Thankfully, a good skincare routine can help improve sensitive skin condition. We spoke to four mums who talked about how they overcame a challenging skin condition that affected themselves or someone they love. These stories are about how they discovered a gentle remedy to their skin problems and improved their sensitive skin condition. You can, too.

Sensitive Skin Story #1: Itchy and Scratchy

Ruby’s son Noah was about six months old when he started to scratch himself bloody. He would scratch all day, and the scratching was even worse during the night. The doctor’s diagnosis was dry and sensitive skin – a condition called atopic eczema.

Sweat seemed to exacerbate flare-ups, but keeping Noah in an air-conditioned room just made his skin dry, flaky and itchy. It felt like a hopeless, vicious cycle. Ruby tried all sorts of brands that were supposed to remedy dry skin, and  she even changed Noah’s diet in the hope that avoiding sugary food would help. Nothing seemed to work. The damage on his skin became so severe that it started to thicken and look like the bark of a tree. This “lichenified skin” takes years to disappear, and can only begin to heal when the scratching stops.

Through an article on theAsianParent, Ruby learned about Curél products and decided to try them. She was happily surprised when Noah did not cry when she applied Curél Moisture Gel-lotion on his skin. She was even more delighted when he stopped scratching frequently. Not waking up to bloody clothes was also a welcome change.

Curél’s hypoallergenic formula is free from fragrances, colourants and steroids. Ruby knows that she does not have to worry about possible harmful side effects or withdrawal symptoms, unlike with steroidal creams. Curél works so well that she does not hesitate to share her son’s sensitive skin story so that others can enjoy a happy ending to their sensitive skin challenges too.

Sensitive Skin Story #2: Not-So-Picture-Perfect Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is often a time when many women are surrounded by that pregnancy “glow”. But not so for Netty. Her pregnancy came with a frustrating skin condition: very dry and sensitive skin.

Instead of a pregnancy glow, Netty developed red patches all over her face. Although she enjoyed putting on makeup before she got pregnant, she was forced to stop using makeup altogether. No matter what skincare products she applied or how much, her skin stayed red and extremely dry. It hurt her confidence and her social life. And she refused to attend get-togethers because she was afraid people would just stare at her.

Netty tried a number of methods to manage her sensitive skin. She limited sun exposure to avoid ultraviolet (UV) rays, slept without air conditioning room because cool air makes skin dry and itchy, and she washed her face using only soap-free facial cleanser and water. Above all, she avoided scratching her face to prevent scarring!

These methods had some positive effects, but they were not enough to make the red patches go away. A friend found out about her dilemma and gave her a sample of Curél Intensive Moisture Cream. This did the trick, hydrating her skin and removing all traces of redness. Confident that the formula is safe for pregnant mums, Netty recommends Curél Intensive Moisture Cream to others with dry and sensitive skin because she knows it works!

Sensitive Story #3: Travel Woes

Sensitive skin stories: Find out how these mums found a gentle solution

After spending some time abroad, Tina was dismayed to discover an unwanted souvenir – her normally healthy skin had changed: it was now dry and flaky. To her alarm, dry patches of skin around her nose and mouth began peeling regularly. And this could not be easily concealed by makeup. She kept changing skincare products in the hope of finding something that could restore the health of her skin. Even hydration masks didn’t help.

It was during this time that she chanced upon Curél’s products in Watson’s and decided to give it a try. The product claimed “intensive moisturizing” but she was skeptical – until she experienced it for herself!

Tina loves Curél Foaming Wash and Curél Intensive Moisture Cream. Speaking of its benefits, she says: “While it was highly moisturizing, it also has a light texture which does not clog my pores at all!” She also appreciates that Curél’s range of products is budget friendly, making it effective and affordable. Saying goodbye to the dry patches on her face was a wish come true!

Tina’s top tip to others with sensitive skin? Prevention is better than cure. Use moisturising products on a daily basis rather than on a need-to basis.

Sensitive Skin Story #4: My Hubby’s Eczema

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Sharen’s husband had been suffering from dry skin and eczema for as long as he could remember. He felt self-conscious about his appearance and, more often than not, wore clothes that covered his neck. Sharen found this loss of confidence heartbreaking.

Her husband’s eczema also limited the food the entire family could enjoy and the places they could go to for holidays. Seafood (Sharen’s favourite!) and cold places were automatically off limits because they aggravated the problem. They found themselves eating simple dishes at home instead of dining out just to be on the safe side.

Even though the condition is chronic, Sharen kept an eye out for possible ways to help her hubby. One day, she stumbled upon Curél Intensive Moisture Cream on Facebook. After applying the cream twice daily, her husband discovered that his skin had improved dramatically. Now he feels more confident – he even started wearing regular clothes!

To those who are experiencing the same sensitive skin problems, Sharen highly recommends Curél Intensive Moisture Cream for the face and Curel Moisture Cream for other parts of the body. Both products aren’t oily and, most importantly, they deliver fast results.

Curel Ceramide Care

These gentle yet effective solutions work because of Curel Ceramide Care technology. It protects, replenishes and enhances the skin’s barrier function.

Ceramide, an essential ingredient naturally found in the skin, is responsible for locking in moisture and keeping the skin strong against external irritants. Unfortunately, dry, sensitive skin does not have enough ceramide. And alkaline-based soaps and cleansers can make things worse, leaving the skin dry and less protected because they wash the ceramide away! Ceramide care cleansers protect ceramide on the skin while thoroughly removing dirt and grime.

Curel Ceramide Care moisturizers are specially developed for sensitive skin and take a two-pronged approach: from the inside and from the outside. Internally, Eucalyptus leaf extract increases the skin’s ability to produce ceramide. Externally, the skin absorbs Curel’s unique functioning ingredient, which reinforces the ceramide produced by the skin. This holistic approach effectively boosts the skin’s moisture density and prevents external irritants from penetrating the skin. And what it means for us mums is that we have a gentle way of providing skincare for our entire family that works.

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