Wondering how to stop your child from scratching whenever he sweats?

Wondering how to stop your child from scratching whenever he sweats?

Fight your child's sensitive skin with Japan's number one brand for sensitive Asian skin - Curel Moisture Gel-Lotion.

My cheerful son has suffered from bad eczema since he was a baby. It’s been almost two years that I have struggled with his skin condition. Often, I wake up beside a child with blood-stained fingers and PJs just to see how bad he has scratched his legs.

We tried all means by putting socks on him and trying out different branded moisturisers that are supposedly gentle on babies. We tried to prevent the itch and him from scratching, but none of those moisturizers were nourishing for him. Living in the harsh and sweltering climate of Singapore, humidity and sweat further caused the flare up to worsen. According to the National Eczema Association, the sodium found in sweat can dehydrate our skin and cause stinging or skin irritations.

Eventually, it became a vicious cycle. He would have to be kept in air-conditioned rooms to cut down his perspiration, but then his skin would become more dry, flaky and he would be scratching again. This went on until his skin has turned into an unsightly state, thick and lined, similar to the bark of a tree called Lichenification – and it takes years to disappear!

curel moisture

His leg folds were thick and lined, similar to the bark of the tree due to over scratching.

According to KKH, eczema affects up to 20 percent of school-aged children in Singapore, and usually their symptoms will begin to show during the first year of life. So we were in desperate need of an effective, and more importantly, a gentle moisturiser (safe for even babies) to nourish and help his skin stay resistant to any external factors such as dust, sweat and other irritants. Then, as if our prayers were answered, we were introduced to Curél Moisture Gel-lotion, and here are our proud results!


curel moisture

His legs became smoother and scar-less. Impressive improvement!

Sweat-Sensitivity Care

Less than four weeks ago, we were introduced to Curel, Japan’s number one brand for Sensitive Asian Skin. My boy used the new Curél Moisture Gel-lotion, together with the Curél Foaming Body Wash,  and the result was super impressive. I love how the watery light gel texture easily absorbs into the skin. It’s also non-sticky and boasts of a refreshing feeling that makes my son’s skin less sensitive when he sweats! His skin has been more nourished than any other moisturiser we have used before.

Best of all, this is the first product in the market that is formulated to resolve sweat sensitivity!

curel moisture

Watery light gel texture with a non-sticky feeling.

Curél’s Ceramide Care with anti-inflammatory extracts to soothe irritated skin

After using the product, I learnt that most eczema sufferers lack ceramide in their skin – a type of lipid that binds water molecules together thus effectively locking moisture in skin. When you are ceramide-deficient, other irritants such as mineral and metal composition found in perspiration can trigger serious sensitive skin conditions and discomfort.

Curél’s Sweat-sensitivity Care Formula provides relief to irritated skin by replenishing and restoring the declining levels of ceramide with its unique ceramide ingredient. Together with anti-inflammatory ingredients, it helps to alleviate discomfort and calms aggravated skin caused by sweat irritants.

curel moisture

The lotion bottle is easy to manage, even for small hands.

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Safe for Babies!

Furthermore, I like the fact that it’s fragrance-free, colourant-free and allergy-tested, with a pH set closest to our skin – totally safe for babies from 6 months old! Turns out my boy enjoy applying it himself every day and had made it a habit to use it after every bath or even before we head out!

We couldn’t be happier to share the joy of a product that has not only able to resolve sweat-sensitivity but has also provided amazing moisturizing on my boy sensitive skin!

Are you/your child suffering from sweat sensitivity too? Redeem a sample today to give it a try!


curel moisture

Applying Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion has become part of his everyday routine!

Get more tips on how to manage sensitive skin at Curel’s Facebook page.

Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion (220ml) is sold for $24.80 per bottle at selected Watsons stores island wide. Suitable for both body and face.

This review was written by Mummy Blogger, Ruby Liang, Founder of FamilyStaycationSg.com.


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