Semen can make women happier

Semen can make women happier

Discover if semen can make you happy! There’s strong evidence that the white stuff not only fertilises your eggs but also lifts your mood.


Did you know that semen -- yes the white liquid produced from the male sexual organ -- can be nature’s best antidepressant? Most women who have unprotected sex are less depressed. Unprotected sex can be beneficial in more ways than you know...

Semen…no not sperm

In case you don’t already know, semen is very different from sperm. Semen is the white ‘nutritious’ liquid that guides the sperm into a woman's uterus; before those little swimmers hunt down the egg.

Although semen can come in high quantities per ejaculation, it only carries about 3% of sperm with it. Don’t be terrified of the huge load because the more there is, the more you’ll get out of it.

The elements of semen

That white liquid we wipe off and flush down the bowl actually contains tons of antidepressant compounds and other nutrients. Let’s break it down and see what semen contains and how it can be beneficial according to Psychology Today:

1) Endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oestrogen, oxytocin, prostaglandins, thyrotropin and serotonin -- are your mood elevating compounds.

2) Melatonin – helps you regulate sleep patterns.

3) Cortisol – increases affection and reduces stress.

4) Two female hormones – follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones – de-stresses the body and encourages ovulation.

5) Immunosuppressant – a natural chemical in the semen that is produced to prevent women’s immune system from killing sperm.

6) Sugar – semen contains fructose to nourish sperm.

7) Water – the thickness of the semen depends on the amount of water contained in the load. The thicker the better as it contains more nutrients than just only water.


You don’t have to go down on your man

Ladies, you must be thinking that in order to get the ‘goodies’, you’ve got to go down on your man, right? Oh no no… not necessarily. When semen is ‘injected’ into your vagina, the elements and ‘nutrients’ are absorbed into your bloodstream. The magic happens from there. It works as well as swallowing semen but, that’s not needed…unless that’s what you prefer, no pressure.

Have twice the fun!

Research shows that women who have sex without using a condom are twice as happy and satisfied due to two reasons: pleasure during sex of course, and antidepressant compounds from the semen.According to a study done in 2002 by psychologist Gordon Gallup from SUNY-Albany, women who have unprotected sex are less depressed because semen contains oestrogen and prostaglandins which lowers the depression levels in women and oxytocin, which is a mood-elevating compound helps in “social bonding”.

This is due to their concerns about getting pregnant (if the condom breaks) and the possibility of contracting STD’s. Well, at this juncture, the antidepressant compounds in the semen will come in handy.

On the downside, women who have unprotected sex become more depressed overtime if they stop having sex regularly.

Safe sex?

Sex without a condom is most suitable for pregnant women who tend to go through mood swings and depressions. It is also suitable for couples who are trying to get a baby. So, mummies and daddies, go ahead and get busy without protection for some “happy and uplifting” benefits.

Important note from theAsianparent: Make sure that both partners have gone through comprehensive STD screenings before contemplating unprotected sex. We’re not advocating unprotected sex, we’re just informing you that semen has antidepressant qualities. We’re not responsible for your actions or any repercussions that may occur based on your decisions.

Article by Patrick Loh

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Sandra Ong

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