See Life In a New Light!

See Life In a New Light!

How a worried mother’s research on eye care led to her discovering the simplest way to prevent eye strain – changing the lighting at home with 3M™ Polarizing Light.

A Mother’s Worry

“My son Edward used to complain almost nightly about suffering from headaches and tired eyes - especially during home-work time,” shares Mavis Koh, 36, sales executive and mother to 11-year-old Edward. “Initially I attributed it to laziness”, she laughingly recalled, “But he was also rubbing them more often then usual and complaining about dry uncomfortable eyes even when he was painting, which is his favourite hobby. After about two weeks of him complaining, I finally realized how serious it was.”

Mavis researched extensively on eye care to see how she could help her son alleviate some of his discomfort. Since bad lighting was one of the reasons for his eye discomfort, she sought to get better lighting for her son. Besides reducing glare and protecting eyes, good lighting also helps to prevent accidents. After discussing her findings with her husband, they decided to change the lighting at home to something that could reduce the glare and protect their son’s eyes. During one of her lighting shopping trips, she discovered the 3M™ Polarizing Light.

3M™ Polarizing Light

Gentle on Children's Eyes…

Unlike ordinary table lamps, 3M™ Polarizing Light has been specially designed to successfully reduce glare and provide effective illumination. The polarizing filter feature in the lamps allows only comfortable light to pass through it, and the 3M™ Polarizing Light Technology diffuses direct and reflective glare by 50% to 80% on reading materials and work surfaces to improve eye comfort. This increases overall reading efficiency and helps protect your child’s eyes from the glare.

The design is also perfect for children as the handy, flexible structure allows for height and light intensity adjustments. What’s more, this ensures that the lamp’s base does not get in the way of the writing space, giving the kids plenty of room to work. Other child-friendly features include the anti-skid pad on the bottom of the weighted base, which guarantees that it is stable and does not get knocked over easily.

*The amount of reflected glare on reading material is dependent on viewing angle.

Great for adults too!

Like Mavis, you want to protect your child’s eyes, but do think of yourself as well! The 3M™ Polarizing Light is suited for adults too, especially those clocking long hours. Whether you are at home or at work, the lamp is useful for reducing strain and discomfort on your eyes. Strain on eyes might cause problems such as eye fatigue, headaches and frequent tearing. The sleek and stylish designs come in black, white and metallic silver versions and would fit seamlessly into any workplace or home office. Simplicity and functionality is key to the design as the lamp is strong, durable and very easy to assemble. On top of all that, the energy-saving bulbs used helps you save money, making the 3M™ Polarizing Light a worthy investment.

Currently five models of table lamps including TL1000, CL1000, CL2000 and the newest additions, CR1000 and CR2000 and one floor lamp model, FL1000 are available in the market. 3M™ Polarizing Light is available at all major retailers, such as Best Denki, Carrefour, Challenger(Funan & Tampines1), Home-Fix, Popular, Prologue and UrbanWrite.

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