3M Polarizing Light – Keeping Little Eyes Safe

3M Polarizing Light – Keeping Little Eyes Safe

Your child’s eyes might be experiencing more harm than you think. Read on to find out how using a 3M Polarizing Light like the new BL5100 can help ease the strain and allow for better reading.

3M Polarizing Light – Keeping Little Eyes SafeKids today, are more tech-savvy than ever before.  With technology advancing fast, hours spent in front of a screen have increased. Whilst too much time in front of a computer may not cause a severe amount of damage to your child’s eyes, strain is certainly a side effect. The right type of lighting in your home can help ease this and give your child a much safer environment to read and work. 3M Polarizing Light has introduced a new desk lamp that we think does the trick!

What does it do?

The new desk lamp from 3M Polarizing Light, the BL1500 helps reduce glare by up to 62 percent using an innovative polarizing filter. The Polarizing Light technology is a proprietary to 3M. It filters out all the ‘bad light’ using this technology, to give you and your family a more conducive study/work environment for everyone in the family

How does it work?  3M Polarizing Light – Keeping Little Eyes Safe

The lamp has a 132-nanometers thick Polarizing Filter that contains polymers. These polymers convert harmful horizontal light waves into safer vertical waves. This process reduces glare and increases light intensity by up to 40 percent, making the light that falls on yours or your child’s workplace less harmful to their eyes.

The final result

When your child feels less strain, they will be more willing to work and will get tired less quickly. Headaches and tiredness that often occur during exams can be possibly reduced or avoided.

3M Polarizing Light – Keeping Little Eyes Safe Other cool features

The BL1500 has been created with an Ergonomic design concept in mind.  It features a movable head, neck and arms, so you can adjust the light to suit your needs. It even has an anti-skid, heavy weight base to prevent friction and allow the light to be distributed equally across a surface. This is great if your kid is an art student and requires a pool of stable light to work for long hours. Available in black and grey, its sleek, louvre design fits perfectly in with other tech gadgets in your workspace.

 Price and Place

The BL1500 is available at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, POPULAR Bookstores and other major retailers, for just $189.

We would suggest investing in one right away. After all, there isn’t ever enough you can do to keep your little ones healthier and less prone to future problems. Now would be a good time to begin.


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