5 secret thoughts going through daddy's head: pre-labour

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Wondering what's really going through a Singaporean hubby's head during pre-labour? Read on and giggle away!

Here are the secret pre-labour thoughts that Singaporean dads really have in the moments before birth! All in good fun and get ready for some major giggles!

Secret pre-labour thoughts of Singaporean dads:

1. Really ah? Double confirm? Maybe you just ate something wrong? You serious or not? Don't play play leh.

Watch This Woman Bust Out The ‘Tootsie Roll’ To Battle Back Labor Pains

2. How can like that one! Doctor said it won’t come until like next week what.

Watch This Woman Bust Out The ‘Tootsie Roll’ To Battle Back Labor Pains

3. Walau that one pee or what? You want go toilet or not?

My water broke!

4. Sialah this taxi uncle talk so much... and still have to pay ERP?? Sian maximum can?!

My water broke!

5. Nurse so chio.... Wah die cannot cannot!

My water broke!


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