11 secret thoughts: daddy's first time seeing the baby

11 secret thoughts: daddy's first time seeing the baby

Wondering what's really going through a Singaporean dad's head when he sees his baby for the first time? Read on and laugh away!

1. Eh, suppose to look liddat meh?

2. Eeeyer, why cover in white white one?

3. BOY! Steady, got soccer kaki already!


4. Best moment ever. No need to see blood can ready.


5. Got my nose. Ok this one confirm my one.


6. Siala... my own lion king moment.


7. Waaah so big uh! Eh wait that’s the umbilical cord.


8. Wah piang this little human so heavy one ah?


9. 4th child ready. Lai Lai Lai baby bonus!


10. Eh you steady uh! NS not as painful as this.


11. Neh mind, don't cry. It's ok, Daddy take care of you.


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