Schools Teach Women to Nab Rich Husbands

Schools Teach Women to Nab Rich Husbands

Some schools in China have raised eyebrows for offering classes that reportedly prepare women to snag rich husbands. Are you aware of what they are teaching your kids at school?

The Huizhi Female School, based in the capital of Chengdu, was established in May 2012, with eight teachers to give training for twenty students. Thank goodness this is not the curriculum implemented on school-aged kids from primary to secondary schools.

"We aim at enhancing women's emotional quotient (EQ) and cultivating their personal character so as to help them seek a happy marriage," school founder Su Fei said, adding that the school offers a wide variety of courses designed to help women find a mate.

Schools Teach Women to Nab Rich Husbands

One of the more controversial courses aims to help women meet and attract rich men. The "regular" training course costs 12,800 yuan (approx.S$2530), while a "VIP" course is 20,000 yuan(approx. S$3,960). Despite the high fees, women have already enrolled up for the classes,

Yang Jie, 28, is participating in one of the school's classes, although she opted not to take the training course for securing a rich husband. After dealing with her own failed marriage, she spent 6,999 yuan on a course designed to teach her how to secure a successful marriage.

"It's been really helpful. After talking with the teachers here, I realized why my last marriage failed. I've learned a lot of new communication skills, which I think will help me be more successful in dating and even in my next relationship," Yang said.

"I hope the public will adopt an objective attitude toward our school. As a developing organization, the school needs tolerance. We plan to give public speeches in the future to teach more women how to love and how to seek out happy marriages," Su said.

The Huizhi Female school is not the only one of its kind. The Deyu Female Institute in Beijing, established in May 2010 by Shao Tong, a former consultant for a Chinese matchmaking website, also offers courses to people looking for a partner, including women who want a rich husband.

"Girls are eager to be introduced to rich men and are desperate to learn how to date rich people," Shao said.

The courses provided by the Deyu Female Institute range from lessons on legal matters related to marriage to make-up and communication skills. Fu Xiaolu, 22, decided the school wasn't for her.

"I didn't agree with the beliefs the teachers advocated. For example, they taught us to turn a blind eye to rich boyfriends' affairs and to cater to their habits and change our images to please them," Fu said. "I didn't agree with their values."

Li Qiang, a sociologist at Tsinghua University, said the schools will remain open as long as market demand exists.

"If these schools are operating within legal boundaries, we have no right to intervene," Li said.

Beware of high expectations

Schools Teach Women to Nab Rich Husbands

It’s a common dream to find a rich husband. Finding him is the easy part, but staying married to him may be more difficult.

Living with a rich man can pose a challenge.  Wealthy men are human too – they will have personality flaws and bad behaviours. The difference is that, as the wife of a rich man, you may be at a disadvantage when his financial hold over you can make it difficult to influence his behaviour or leave him behind.

If you're looking for true love, romance, and emotional fulfilment, you will find them in the partner that loves and respects you. When wealth is what you seek in a man, don't be surprised when that is the only thing you find.




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