Singapore's emergency number: 71250 - make sure you save this number!

Singapore's emergency number: 71250 - make sure you save this number!

Singapore's emergency number 71250 will in future give SMS alerts in case of a crisis, like a terror attack. How prepared are you in the event of a terror attack?

71250- Do not ignore any messages from this number in future, for this is Singapore's emergency number . The number will text alert you in case of a major crisis, like a terror attack, fire or a public order incident.

Launched recently, this free, one-way SMS will be delivered almost instantly to all mobile phone users in the affected area, in case of an emergency that requires urgent measures. Tourists on international roaming would also be receiving the SMS.

Why SMS?

As per the Straits Times, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said that,"Some of us may still not be familiar with apps or we may have older 2G phones which don't support apps."

Such alert systems are already in place in countries like the US, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

The SGSecure app, already very popular, also provides alerts similar to the SMS system but requires an Internet connection. The app however allows users to notify the police of any major mishaps.

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The world is becoming more dangerous

In today’s times, the threat of terror is real and experts warn that it’s only a matter of time before Singapore gets hit too. Sadly, the world we grew up in, is not the world our children are going to inherit.

Everyday, we wake up in the morning, rush the kids off to school, go through the motions of bye’s, hugs and kisses, before we ourselves run off to work. But what if that promised “dinner outside” or “new toy in the evening” moment was never meant to be? Can one be too sure, anymore?

What you can do in case of a terror attack

In the event of a major crisis, like a terror attack, the Singapore Police Force advises the Run, Hide, Tell method. Check out this video which tells viewers the 3 basic steps they must take in case of a terror attack.

To put it simply, here is what we can do in case of an emergency:

  • Run - Try to run away from the affected place as soon as possible. You might want to familiarise yourself with the exits of frequently visited buildings. This will help you to stay sane and make a calm exit.
  • Hide - Find cover, stay out of sight and keep quiet. Switch your phones to silent mode. When trying to hide, look for a strong support like a hard pillar, especially in case of gunfire.
  • Tell - Call the police on 999. If unable to call, SMS 71999 or use the [email protected] mobile app.
  • Be Prepared - It would help to familiarise yourself with basic first-aid techniques in case you need to tend to yourself or others.
  • Prepare your children - Educate your children about the realities of the world. Explain facts in simple language. Encourage them to stay calm under all circumstances. Teach them about good and bad people, and that it is okay to approach the good people if things go horribly wrong.

(Source: The Straits Times,  Singapore Police Force)

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