Sarah Lian Morphs Into "Ah-Moi"

Sarah Lian Morphs Into "Ah-Moi"

Sarah Lian’s role as the “Internet Ah Moi” in the latest MyEG TV infomercial is creating quite a hype as she plays the role of a kopitiam owner in a skit.

Sarah Lian’s role as the “Internet Ah Moi” in the latest MyEG TV infomercial is creating quite a hype.

Sarah plays the role of a kopitiam owner in a skit meant to create awareness on the ease of using MyEG, an online government transaction service.

She’s an “Internet Ah Moi”, who handles everything from processing road tax to bankruptcy claims, using MyEG’s online services.

Sarah Lian even brushed up on her “Ah Lian accent” for the infomercial.

“My brief was to play an Ah Moi from Klang. I just took that brief and had fun with it!” she told the Daily Chilli.

She said she is very happy with the response to the infomercial that was shot in Petaling Street.

Sarah has impressive acting experience. The Taiping-born lass was raised in Vancouver, Canada, where she landed a role in American Pie 6 before moving to Hong Kong to pursue acting further.

In Hong Kong, she landed a supporting role in Jasmine, a psychological thriller written and directed by Hollywood screenwriter Dax Phelan.

It therefore does come as a surprise with her playing the role of an "Ah-Moi"

She has been based in Kuala Lumpur since 2008. She speaks three Chinese dialects and four languages – English, Malay, French and some Japanese.

“I think my Japanese is just about good enough to order a meal,” she said.

Sarah has also hosted local reality programmes like The Ultimate Prom Night 2 and Maybelline’s Simply Fabulous.

She is currently co-hosting MyEG Xtra Time on the ESPN channel, with personalities Marion Caunter, Lisa Surihani and others.

The programme features an entertainment-style sports gossip.

She was also voted Malaysia’s Most Wanted Woman in 2008 by FHM Malaysia magazine.

Take a look at the commercial. We believe she's pulled off quite an impressive performance.

News Source: Malaysia Star


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