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Every mum wants to use nothing but the best for their baby. But with the huge selection available, it's hard to know which baby skincare range to pick. PIGEON offers products that 100 mums have tried and love..

PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care Range tested & review by 100 mums

Total protection against skin irritation
Did you know, that a baby’s skin is one-third thinner than an adult’s? This means that a baby’s skin is more susceptible to skin irritation problems. Singapore’s hot and humid weather make it even more challenging to keep your baby’s delicate skin protected.

From a survey with over 140 mums, we found that 98% of mums have not found the ideal skincare solution and are still on the look out for one product range that can help solve multiple skin irritation issues. If you’re one of these mums looking for an ideal skincare range, let us introduce you to PIGEON Sakura Baby skincare.

Sakura Baby skin care offers a range of solutions to preserve your baby’s naturally healthy skin by helping to prevent and reverse skin issues. How do we know it’s good? We asked 100 mums to test it out the entire range as part of their little one’s skincare regime…

Over 100 mum took the challenge and tested the baby skincare range
With 91% of mums telling us that they would recommend this range to new mums, we asked Regina Lim, mother of 2 why she loves the range.

Top 3 Things Mums Love About PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care

#1 Reduced Skin Irritation
66% of mums did not see skin irritation return compared with the products they had been using before.

Mums love how Pigeon Sakura Baby Skin Care helps reduce skin irritation

Mums love how PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care helps reduce skin irritation

#2 Moisturising 
75% of mums saw a visible improvement on their baby’s skin after using the products!

Pigeon Sakura Baby Skin Care keeps baby skin moisturized

PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care keeps baby skin moisturized

#3 Smells Good
67% of mums love how the PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care range is pleasantly scented and yet enriched with natural SAKURA extract to give extra nourishment and soothe baby’s sensitive skin.

“The smell is good because it’s mild yet nice enough for my baby. To top that, it hydrates and makes my baby’s skin smooth”.

“I love the smell of the product! I have tried many other brands, even organic brands but PIGEON Sakura range is now my first choice. I trust PIGEON!”

Find out more about what mums are saying about the different PIGEON Sakura Baby Skin Care products on the next page…

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