5 Natural Baby Skin Care Secrets Every New Mum Should Try

5 Natural Baby Skin Care Secrets Every New Mum Should Try

Baby skin care can be as easy as these 5 simple tips.

Being a first-time mom is an overwhelming experience. Aside from the adjustments you have to make for your new role, there are also a lot of things you have to learn to make sure your baby gets the care he deserves. One of the trickiest and hardest to address is your baby’s skin care needs. Since babies have really delicate skin, using the best and safest remedies should be a top priority.

Baby Skin Care Secrets

If you are a new mom struggling to find the right way to address your baby’s skin issues, here are some of the best natural tricks you can try.

1. Treating diaper rash

5 Natural Baby Skin Care Secrets Every New Mum Should Try

Diaper rash isn’t only itchy, but it can also cause a lot of discomfort to your baby. It typically happens when your baby’s skin gets constantly soaked in his wet or soiled diaper.

To avoid causing any discomforts, frequently check your baby’s diaper and replace once it’s soiled or wet. If he has been wearing his diaper for a few hours already, make sure to take it off once in awhile to allow the skin in the area to air dry.

One key thing to remember when it comes to preventing diaper rash is to choose the right diapers. Don’t be afraid to use diapers that are one size larger than what’s indicated in the guide to avoid irritation and friction. It also helps to be conscious about what materials your baby’s diapers are made from.

The Secret:

To address any existing diaper rash, you can dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in four cups of water. Use this mixture every time you’ll be washing your baby’s bottom and make sure to pat dry before placing a new diaper.

2. Soothing infant acne

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Baby acne is not uncommon.

In fact, babies can have them as soon as the day they are born. In some babies, they can take up to several weeks before bumps or pimples appear on the skin. Experts blame the hormones babies get from their mothers for these bumps.

Infant acne typically goes away on its own. However, if it stays or continues to develop over the next few weeks, you should be concerned.

Although it’s tempting, avoid scrubbing or scratching the bumps. You should also skip the use of over-the-counter medications as baby’s skin is too delicate for them. Lotions and oil-based creams are also considered a major no-no.

The Secret:

Breast milk naturally contains potent antibacterial properties. Try soaking a cotton pad with your breast milk and lightly dab it on the affected areas a few times a day.

3. Soothing eczema

5 Natural Baby Skin Care Secrets Every New Mum Should Try

Eczema refers to those reddish and itchy rashes that appear on your baby’s face, elbows and scalp. It’s frequently a result of your baby’s weak skin barrier that is supposed to keep moisture in and lock irritants out.

Compared with regular dry skin, eczema is a lot worse. And since baby’s skin is extra delicate, dealing with it is hard, particularly for new moms.

Eczema can run in the family. If you are aware of any eczema cases affecting your immediate family members, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Be cautious in choosing the best products for your baby. You should also be conscious of any particular allergen that can trigger your baby’s eczema.

The Secret:

One of the best ways to soothe eczema is to keep the skin hydrated. Exposing your baby’s skin to water twice a day and following it up with the application of a good moisturizer, such as virgin coconut oil, can do the trick.

4. Protecting against heat rash

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Heat rash doesn’t only happen during the summer. As a matter of fact, bundling up your baby in layers of clothes during the cold season can cause his body to overheat. As a result, tiny red bumps can appear on his skin.

Heat rash can form on the areas of your baby’s body where his clothes fit snugly. This includes his chest, back and neck. These rashes aren’t painful, but they can be itchy and tender to touch at times.

Use breathable layers of clothing if you are going to dress up your baby, especially if it’s a hot day. It’s also a good idea to check his temperature once in awhile to see how his body is coping with his environment.

The Secret:

As for the rashes, never scrub or apply ointments and creams on them. Instead, you can use a wet washcloth to clean the affected areas. When bathing your baby, it’s also helpful to use lukewarm water and make sure to take your baby out for fresh air after.

5. Preventing dry skin

5 Natural Baby Skin Care Secrets Every New Mum Should Try

A newborn baby’s skin is extra sensitive to the environment. It can easily get dry in both hot and cold weather. Prolonging bath time, rubbing after a bath and even your laundry detergent can result in dry skin, too.

Babies with itchy skin can become highly irritable. Aside from this, they can also be prone to developing rashes and cracked skin. Once this happens, they become susceptible to infection.

To prevent dry skin and protect your baby, you can invest in a cool-mist humidifier in your nursery. Humidifiers offer great help in adding moisture to your baby’s surrounding air.

The Secret:

One of the best natural solutions to dry skin is oatmeal. You can add a small amount of colloidal oatmeal in your baby’s bathwater to soothe his skin.

If you are uncomfortable with the said approach, you can wrap a good amount of oatmeal in a small towel. Twist the towel to close and soak it in water. After soaking, squeeze the towel and pour drops of the oatmeal-infused water to your baby’s skin.


Baby’s skin is delicate and vulnerable to a lot of irritating factors. As a new mom, you have to be extra keen on addressing them.

Instead of turning to harsh over-the-counter creams and lotions, it’s better if you stick with natural remedies. Since they are free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives, you can be sure they’re safe and gentle enough for your baby’s fragile skin.

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