12 Daily Habits Of Happy Stay-At-Home Mums!

12 Daily Habits Of Happy Stay-At-Home Mums!

Truly happy and fulfilled stay-at-home mums have these habits in common!

Have you ever wished for a SAHM survival guide? Ask any stay-at-home mum and they will surely tell you that it is immensely rewarding. To be able to spend time with your kids without the pressures of work getting in the way may seem like an ideal set-up for many mums. But it’s not without its struggles.

Aside from being subject to unfair judgment by those who believe they “have it easy,” stay-at-home mums often struggle with feeling unproductive.

If you’re a stay-at-home and this resonates with you in any way, then read on to know what habits you should adopt to become happier each day!

1. They get up early

12 Daily Habits Of Happy Stay-At-Home Mums!

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Happy SAHMs are early risers!

Though she was not born to be a “morning person,” she does her best to wake up early and make the most out of each morning. This allows her to achieve momentum when it comes to the rest of her tasks for the day.

2. They stick to a schedule

A happy stay-at-home mum keeps her day organized, but she’s also flexible enough to adjust to sudden needs or errands that aren’t part of the plan.

3. They stick to lists/goals and rules!

A stay-at-home mum who is productive relies on to-do lists and setting goals to keep her day going smoothly. She is also disciplined when it comes to the rules she sets for herself and for her kids.

4. They eat healthily

Not neglecting self-care and wellness are key traits of a happy SAHM. Also, they don’t forget to hydrate!

5. They make time for exercise

Running after toddlers may count as exercise, but the SAHM takes time for exercise that not only keeps her body, but her mind stress-free.

12 Daily Habits Of Happy Stay-At-Home Mums!

Image source: iStock

6. They make time for themselves

In the same way that they use exercise to care for their bodies, happy SAHMs know the importance of ‘me-time’ and pampering. They know that once they feel cared for and valued, they can be better mums.

7. They are not afraid to say they need help

Being prideful isn’t in the vocabulary of a happy stay-at-home mum. She isn’t ashamed to reach out for help, to ask for a listening ear when she is feeling overwhelmed or to admit that they are not perfect.

8. They create their ‘village’

They are also proactive when it comes to surrounding themselves with positivity. They are not afraid to cut out toxic people from their lives in order to create the perfect community and village to help them raise their family.

9. They don’t mind the haters

In the same way that they strive for a positive atmosphere, happy SAHMs tune out the negativity. Mum shamers? They don’t exist to stay-at-home mums because they are truly confident and secure in their purpose and accomplishments.

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10. They foster their kid’s independence

Happy SAHMs nurture their kid’s ability to think and play independently. They do not hover too much or impose too much of their expectations on their child. They embrace their child’s personality and encourages them to keep learning and improving.

11. They embrace the mess

She doesn’t, as they say, “sweat the small stuff.” She knows that chaos is a part of life and rolls with it, striving to be the best mum she can be, to maintain order even through the mess of life.

12. They know how to laugh at themselves

Most importantly, happy SAHMs don’t take themselves to seriously. They are not fraught with self-imposed pressure to be perfect. They know that there is always room for improvement and that the most important thing is to love their child wholeheartedly.

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