Little boy with cancer comforts mum who cannot afford his treatment

Little boy with cancer comforts mum who cannot afford his treatment

"Don't cry Mummy" he said, tenderly wiping away her tears...

In all the sad cancer stories about kids we've come across, this has to be one of the most heart-breaking. Distressing video captures the moment a sick little boy – just three years old – comforts his mummy who cannot afford his cancer treatment. 

sad cancer stories about kids The heartbreaking story of this little boy is enough to make anyone cry...

The Saddest of Sad Cancer Stories About Kids

Li Junyang from East China, is just three years old. He suffers from neuroblastoma – a rare cancer that affects children and usually starts in the tummy. 

In his short life, this little one has already had seven chemotherapy sessions, two open-chest surgeries and seven radiotherapy sessions. For all this treatment, his parents reportedly spent all their savings and have run into over S$ 39,000 of debt. 

Doctors have said further treatments needed for little Li Junyang would cost over S$90,000. His parents, who are farmers, simply cannot afford this. 

The little boy's parents had to stop his treatment earlier this year after no one would lend them the money needed. 

Their desperate plight was brought to light by the founder of China's Dahe Charity, who said they took the little boy to Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai for better medical resources. 

sad stories about kids with cancer Left: Before he was diagnosed, happy with his parents; Right: A very sick little boy | Images: Dahe Charity

"Mum, Don't Cry..."

According to the charity, Junyang's parents had both stopped working so they could care for him. "When a child has a serious illness, both parents would have to quit their jobs. That's the reality of China," said the founder of the charity. 

Dahe's founder recently released a heartbreaking video, where Junyang's mum Qu Lifang, says while sobbing, "We really don't have any other ways. My husband and I argue every day because of money."

It is then that the brave little boy, upset at seeing his mummy so sad, tenderly wipes her tears off her face while telling her not to cry. 

Junyang was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in October 2017, when he was just two and a half years old. It was after this that his parents rapidly fell into debt due to the number of high-cost medical treatments their little one needed. 

sad cancer stories about kids Junyang with his six-year-old brother. See how optimistic and happy a child can be, despite such hardships? | Image: Dahe Charity

But it's not all sad. After learning about their heartbreaking story, Dahe Charity pledged to help the family. Not only did they start a crowdfunding campaign, but due to the money that rolled in, the little boy was able to resume his life-saving treatment. 

However, Jungyang's challenges may not be over just yet. Reports say that he experienced pain in his leg after chemo in July this year. This could be a sign that the cancer has spread. 

Here at theAsianparent, we're hoping that this saddest of sad cancer stories about kids has a happy ending. Our thoughts are with little Jungyang, giving him the strength to recover fast. Jiayou, little one!

Watch the heartbreaking video here via YouTube (Daily Mail): 


Sources: New Zealand Herald, Dahe Charity

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