Hairdresser slammed for rough handling of little boy's haircut

Hairdresser slammed for rough handling of little boy's haircut

You can see exactly how rough she is in the video shared by the boy's mummy.

As parents, we all know that cutting a young child's hair is not easy. They are fidgety and sometimes even scared. So hairdressers must be extremely gentle and patient with their little customers. Imagine one mum's shock when a super-rough hairdresser in Singapore man-handled her four-year-old son during his haircut. 

Mum Karen Yongie recently shared a public Facebook post and video of a rather traumatic haircutting experience her little boy went through at a salon in Jurong Point, recently. 

Rough Hairdresser in Singapore 'Man-Handles' Small Child

Even before the mum started recording the hairdresser, she mentions in her post that the hairdresser was very rough and fast as she handled the little boy's hair. 

She shares, "The comb stuck at Kaeden's hair many times but instead of trying to comb his hair to free any knots, she just went on pulling and cutting." As she saw that her little boy was clearly in discomfort, Karen asked the hairdresser if she could be less rough. However, her request was ignored. 

Karen explains, "I then went over to ask Kaeden if he feels pain and he said yes but she still continue[d] her way."

You can clearly see in the video how rough the stylist is, as she cuts and shaves the little boy's hair while pulling and pushing his head around. As the video ends, Karen is seen walking up to the hairdresser to ask her to stop. 

In her post, Karen mentions that once she asked the woman to stop, she walked out through the back of the salon. Another stylist soon replaced her. She also says (and you can see in the video, too) that her little boy was not fidgeting or playing while his hair was being cut by the rough stylist. Instead, he was doing his best to sit still, despite the discomfort he was in.

But he couldn't because he "tried to move away from the pain this aunty caused."

Karen ends her post with: "If you think this video looks bad, the real deal is 10x worse."

Watch the Video of the Rough Hairdresser in Singapore, Here:

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Source: Facebook

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