Enjoy Halloween With Some Scares And Lots Of Laughs At Safari Boo!

Enjoy Halloween With Some Scares And Lots Of Laughs At Safari Boo!

Celebrate Halloween with Safari Boo, a fun and educational event for children between 3-12, which turns out to be very merry, and not at all scary.

Ready, steady, BOO!!” My little one boo-ed the loudest, at the sneak preview of the very merry-not-scary, Safari Boo, which took place last week. Held over six nights on 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30 Oct, River Safari’s Safari Boo event runs from 6pm to 10pm. This year’s theme is ‘Aliens and Monsters’, so expect your Halloween experience to be an out-of-the-world one!

Tickets are only available online and are selling like hot cakes. So grab yours before they run out. Do look out for the special rates for members. Meanwhile, here’s what you can expect :

  • The Monster Boo! Show


Easily a kiddie favourite, this show had education as well as entertainment, with a few tiny scares for the little ones too. Watch out for evil Doctor V, cute alien Oona and the very silly Didi and DumDum, together with their animal friends, mice, iguana, python, owl, dog, and even a pelican! The references to Pokemon and Pikachu lend more appeal to the show. And when it was time to scream, the kids made sure they didn't disappoint!

2. Face Painting and some "Meet & Greets"

My kids decided to get painted on the hands. They got a monster and an alien each, and couldn’t wait to show off. We also got a picture clicked with the friendly animal mascots, after the Monster Boo! show.

Plenty of photo ops with some rather exotic and gorgeous looking aliens too, along the way. If you are lucky and cute, they’ll even treat you!

3. The Mermaid Mania show


If you thought mermaids weren’t real, Safari Boo just proved you wrong. We were totally mesmerised by these gorgeous mermaids, who did some really cool underwater acrobatics, and even blew kisses to the totally-in-awe little ones. They weren’t alone in the water though, they had fishes and manatees for company. We even spotted a manatee doing a handstand!

4. Food

You might want to feed the monster in your rumbling tummy before going alien hunting. We gorged on some really cool monster finger cookies, cupcakes and alien eyeballs, and drank orange cordial. Sinful. We also devoured the usual suspects like chicken nuggets, fried rice, and spaghetti with Napoli sauce. Slurp!

5. Activity booths

The kids had nothing to complain, really, as they were kept busy with some games stalls as well. So they played ring the witch hat, pinball and there was even a cute game about shooting down the monster bacteria in your gut. Edutainment guaranteed!


Overall, Safari Boo was a fun experience, with a little bit of an education as well. If you are an animal lover, and are looking to do something different this Halloween, go for it!

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