Right-brain training expert in Singapore: Agnes Ng

Right-brain training expert in Singapore: Agnes Ng

Get in touch with Heguru method expert Agnes Ng today and find out how right-brain training can bring out the genius in your child...


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For those of you who don't know what Heguru is, it is an early childhood education method that originated in Japan, called HEGL or Henmi Educational General Laboratory.

Heguru actually focuses on right-brain training or development, and aims to "grow children's ability to acquire education."

Right-brain training by Agnes Ng

Agnes co-founded the renowned Japan Right Brain Training Programme at the Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis.

She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

In her studies, Agnes specialised in the educational development of children from birth to 8 years, focusing in particular on the following areas: Gifted Education, Special Needs Early Intervention, Assessments, and Curriculum Planning.

Since she specializes in the subject of early childhood education, Agnes is able to give tremendous professional insights on how to handle toddlers and young children.

Added to that, of course, is her own experience as a mother of 2 young children aged 5 and 3 years old.

In fact, Agnes is a firm believer of right-brain training because she has seen extremely encouraging results and mental development in her own children, after exposing them to professional right-brain training methodology.

A mum's search ends up in a passion to share

Agnes first approached HEGL Japan in 2011 in her search for the best right-brain training methodology for her own children, as well as for the many other Singaporean children who were yet to be exposed to the benefits of right-brain training.

Being personally trained and inspired by HEGL Japan founders Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi, Agnes returned to Singapore with a renewed passion to share what she had learned.

As the principal of Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis, Agnes and her team of teachers are 100% committed to establish Heguru in Singapore for the benefit of young Singaporean children, and to contribute to the development of early childhood education in the local education industry.

Teaching and training with your child's best interests in mind

Agnes also takes a hands-on approach to the teaching of children, the training of teachers, and the planning of curriculum in the Centre she heads.

Because of her great example and leadership, her team of teachers in Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis are dedicated and committed to bring out the genius potential of their students.

Above everything else though, Agnes' greatest satisfaction is to see how the children enjoy their weekly lessons and how their natural abilities are heightened through the lessons at Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis.

Please ask Agnes any questions you may have about right-brain training using the form below... she will be very happy to help you out!



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