You need more than the right methods to train children – Singapore mums talk about right brain training

You need more than the right methods to train children – Singapore mums talk about right brain training

As the popularity of right brain training continues to rise, here’s what three Singapore families had to say about their experience.

Right brain training or the Heguru Method has become so popular in Singapore that even mums with tots as young as 6 months old are flocking to a centre to try it out. Why are they doing so?

Well, experts say that unlocking the learning potential in the right side of the brain can improve logical thinking, enabling your kid to digest and understand information more efficiently.

That’s a lot for a little mind to take on but the effects have been so astounding that parents now see it as a necessary way to enhance their child’s life.

However, when three Singapore families shared their experience of right brain training with us, it became clear that parents are still looking for a nurturing environment for their children.

In general, parents believe it’s the comfort and inspiration from teachers and other pupils that leads their children to improve mentally, and get the most out of such programmes.

This is especially true for Kong Wee and Shuqin, parents to 1-year-old Shiya:

“We see progress in Shiya’s learning development… her teacher has shown great empathy and is patient and understanding towards Shiya.

“She shares different activities that parents can conduct at home too, during the weekly sharing with parents.”

Heguru method @ fusionopolis, right brain training

1-year-old Shiya studies right brain training with Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis

A fun and interactive session – with inspirational people!

As right brain training begins to play an integral role in a child’s education and development from an early age, parents believe it is important that children still see it as a fun session, where they can mix socially while learning.

For many parents, like Khim Wah and Wan Soon, parents of Lynette 5.5 yrs old and Juliette 3.5 yrs old, right brain training is the only enrichment programme they will choose for their children.

“This is probably the only academic enrichment programme (in which) we enrolled our girls. The only reason is to develop their right brain, which correlates to creative thinking… something we believe to be helpful in their life.

“We believe that learning starts from play. We looked for a warmth and sincere kind of environment.

“Pre-schoolers need to feel relaxed, feel at home for learning to begin. This should not be a drag to them.

“We started classes at Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis and the girls look forward to their classes each weekend.

“We are not able to list each and every one of them but the Heguru Method team at Fusionopolis, together with the principal Agnes is simply a GREAT TEAM who makes much effort to ensure each kid is happy and learn something.

“To date, it’s been a year, we have seen them exhibit better values, better memory and logical thinking. They are also getting more creative in the way they communicate.”

right brain training, Heguru method

Lynette & Juliette have studied right brain training for over a year with Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis

Teachers make the grade

One thing that is clear — parents are looking to place their children with truly caring individuals who have a real talent, not just for teaching, but for working with kids, and helping them to explore their imagination as they grow. This is what makes the real difference.

Here’s what Sandra Theng, mother to Ethan Andre Lum, 25 months, had to say about his right brain training teacher:

“She is one of the most dedicated teachers that we have experienced with right brain training throughout the past one year. She is very observant and enthusiastic during class and will give advice to individual parents in terms of home practice and how we can help our children improve, always tailoring her advice for different children.

“We are very happy with Ethan’s progress as he has displayed qualities that far surpasses the peers of his age. Ethan started to speak in short sentences at 18mths old and has very good memory.

“Ethan is very fond of his teachers and talks fondly of them at home. Every Friday he would say ‘Tomorrow is Saturday! Heguru!’

“We are thankful for the dedication and competency from both teachers and Management. We would like to thank themfrom the bottom of our hearts.

“I always believe that no matter how fantastic the method is, it is the human touch that makes the difference! It is you guys that makes Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis different from any other right brain schools.”

Heguru Method right brain training - Ethan

Ethan Andre Lum, 25 months, has displayed qualities that far surpasses the peers of his age. He studies right brain training with Heguru Method @Fusionopolis

The children of the parents featured here studied this method @ Fusionopolis. You can find out more information about the programme by booking a FREE Parent Information Session (PIS) at the centre.

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