Restaurant review – Charly T’s

Restaurant review – Charly T’s

Are you looking for the perfect bistro that has great food and is also kid-friendly? Keep reading to know more about Charly T's.

Charly T’s restaurant was recently featured on theAsianparent as one of the best bistros/pubs in Singapore with play areas and activities for kids, so we thought it would be perfectly fitting to review this super kid-friendly restaurant.

Personally, I was quite keen to check out Charly T’s Kids’ Corner, about which I had heard so much. I also wanted to sample their delicious food, of course!

Charly T's

The entrance to Charly T’s at 112 Katong

Specifically, I had heard rave reviews about their Rotisserie Chicken and Kalua Pork, among many other dishes that put Charly T’s on our list of best pubs/bistros.

Since I live on the east coast, I decided to pay a visit to Charly T’s at 112 Katong for my review, with my kids in tow, of course!

The atmosphere

Charly T's

The restaurant is located quite to the corner of the 3rd floor at 112 Katong. You cannot miss it, as the restaurant’s name is boldly displayed in neon lighting up front.

Although I felt that Charly T’s was a bit dimly lit for a kid-friendly restaurant, the kid’s area itself is very brightly lit and vibrant. (More on the Kids’ Corner later.)

The restaurant is very casual-chic and has a warm, inviting feel to it. There were many casually clad families with kids enjoying lunch on the Saturday afternoon that I was there.

Charly T's

The alfresco dining area

Charly T’s at 112 Katong has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and even a small private dining room.

The food

OK, let’s get down to business — the food!

Charly T’s offers international bistro fare and, for starters, we ordered 2 drinks from Charly T’s menu: CT’s Odysseys ($7) Green Flash (on the right with green apple, orange and pineapple juice) and Red Tang (on the left with strawberry, cranberry and lychee juice).

Charly T's

The Red Tang was absolutely refreshing and sweet. Even though my daughter got her own drink with her meal, she just loved this.

The Green Flash, however, was not as impressive as the Red Tang. I felt the juice separated after a while and as a result was not as enjoyable.

The Kahlua Pork ($20) came highly recommended and we were told it was one of Charly T’s bestsellers. We soon found out why this was so — it was utterly delicious!

Charly T's

It was tender and juicy with a mellow hint of coffee. The portion size was quite generous, too. This dish is a definite must-try.

Next, we tried one of Charly T’s new additions to the menu. The Yakitori Sticks ($12) were an interesting mix of Asian flavours.

Charly T's

The Yakitori Sticks comprise 2 skewers of chunky grilled chicken, which had hints of satay flavours, and 2 beef skewers which were done to perfection. I tasted Moroccan spices and herbs on the beef — subtle but definitely present.

Next, we were ready for the main event! The dish that Charly T’s is famous for — Charly T’s Original Recipe Rotisserie Chicken. (Quarter chicken with 2 additions – $14.50, half chicken with 2 additions – $24, whole chicken with 4 additions – $44)

Charly T's


Oh, this was a dish worth waiting for because it truly lived up to the hype! The chicken itself was roasted to perfection, with a slightly crispy skin and a juicy and flavourful interior.

The flavour of special spices that were used on the chicken definitely came through, and I tasted hints of paprika and pepper with herbs and a hint of lemon.

This is an absolute must-order when you visit Charly T’s! We sampled 4 of their sides that accompany the chicken, namely:

Butter Garlic Rice, Macaroni and Cheese, German Potato Salad and Steamed Fresh Vegetables

Charly T's

My favourite of the four had to be the Macaroni and Cheese.

It was very different from other Mac and Cheese dishes I’ve sampled elsewhere.

In fact, Charly T’s Macaroni and Cheese is made following a recipe by award-winning Chef Rozanne Gold, which was published in her Eat Fresh Food cookbook — it contains less cheese and includes fresh cauliflower.

Sweet Endings

Charly T’s has a wonderful array of desserts on offer and we went for possibly the best of them all — the Dessert Platter! ($25)

Charly T's

This was the perfect sweet finish to the hearty and delicious meal we had at Charly T’s. You should definitely order this if you’re going to Charly T’s as a group and would like to try out a few desserts.

Although we were not with a crowd, it didn’t keep us from trying every glorious dessert on the platter, which consisted of a molten cake, apple strudel, and carrot and sticky date pudding served with 2 scoops of ice cream!

Every single one of the above desserts was delicious!

Charly T's

More sweet treats on offer at the entrance

Is Charly T’s kid-friendly?

Absolutely! This is the perfect place for you and the family to head out for any meal.

For the kids’ meals, we ordered Chicken Kiks with Fries ($9.50) and Penne Alla Carbonara ($13).

Charly T's

Needless to say, the kids loved their meals! They gobbled everything up… although they did keep sneaking off to the play area, which is a kid’s dream come true.

The kids’ area at Charly T’s 112 Katong features a television where children can watch cartoons, plus plenty of books to read. It is spacious, vibrant and colourful — what more can one ask for?

Charly T's

Contact info and opening hours


200 Turf Club Road, #02-06/02-K12, Singapore 287994

Tel: (65) 6467 9307

Opening hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm on Mondays-Fridays, 9.30am-8.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

112 Katong

112 East Coast Road, #03-15 112 Katong, Singapore 428802

Tel: (65) 6636 4701

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm on Mondays-Fridays, 9am-10pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Email: [email protected]


Connect with Charly T’s on Twitter:

Prices of food featured in this review are accurate at the time of publishing.

Have you been to Charly T’s? Why not share your thoughts about this restaurant by leaving a comment below?

If you haven’t been there, go ahead and give it a try — you won’t be disappointed!

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Minoli Almeida

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