7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

A healthy body is the direct result of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Here are 7 tips for reducing weight and staying healthy!

A healthy body is the direct result of consistent exercising and consumption of balanced diets. At least 50 percent of all overweight cases are attributable to negligence in maintaining a regular fitness routine coupled with consumption of high-fat, sugary, or starchy foods.

Protein bars have become a favourite for individuals set on losing weight. Why? Protein bars’ high satiety enables one to avoid unhealthy snacking that usually lead to the accumulation of layers of unwanted body fat.

Implementing the best strategy for healthy weight loss

Listed below are seven practical and proven tips that will enable you to shed off excess weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Consult a nutritionist

A qualified nutritionist will determine the best diet for you through determining your body fat to muscle ratio. Unlike a random weight loss diet scooped from Google, a nutritionist’s diet is personalised to suit your body’s protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral needs.  A nutritionist will also advise you on the best food alternatives that will deliver the same mineral and nutritional values. To know more about nutritious content in fruits and vegetables, take a look at the following infographic.

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

7 Tips to reducing weight and staying healthy at the same time!

This Infographic is by Every Nutrient.

2. Adhering to a strict workout routine

The key to burning off unwanted layers of fat, eliminating harmful toxins and increasing muscle mass is adequate exercise routines. One can do this by joining a well-equipped gym and collaborating with fitness instructors for a personalised weekly workout routine. One could also decide on home workout routines. Consistent exercising increases your body’s metabolic rate that helps in burning up calories and flushing out toxins.

3. Learn your triggers to unhealthy eating

Stress, depression, and anxiety are emotional triggers to unhealthy binge eating that leads to unwanted weight gains. These negative emotional states alter the body’s metabolism. Proper stress management techniques such as avoiding stressful situations, going out for a walk, having deep conversations with a friend or family member and picking up a sport will help you avoid resorting to binge eating.

4. Increase your protein intake

eating fish during pregnancy

The objective of rigorous physical training in a weight loss program is building up lean muscle mass while burning off excess fat. Increased lean muscle takes over space currently occupied by unwanted fat hence the body demands more proteins. Protein bars are ideal snacks to consume after sweaty workouts because they compensate spent energy and provide adequate building blocks for increased muscle mass.

5. Be accountable to someone

The road to weight loss is plagued with potholes of doubts and frustration at every twist and turn. People who overcome have accountability partners to constantly remind them of their unmet goals and provide necessary motivation to attain success. Look for a supportive friend, spouse, or relative with whom you can share your weight loss goals and strategy. Keep in touch with them weekly so that you can assess the progress as you also discuss the challenges encountered in the way.

6. Eat plenty of citric fruits

Did you know that citric acid contained in citrus fruits helps in burning off cholesterol? Add watermelons to your list of favourite foods since they contain plenty of water to flush out cholesterol based by-products in the blood. They also contain an amino acid by the name Arginine that burns off body fat.

7. Help someone struggling with excess weight

When you identify someone who is in a similar health situation and then offer guidance on the best diets and fitness routines, you gain new insights. Teaming up with someone during his or her workout sessions helps one to enjoy the session more. Working out in teams helps in motivation.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods will not only help in weight management but will also help in avoiding chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

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