10 Reasons Why Our Mums Are Literally The Best People Ever

10 Reasons Why Our Mums Are Literally The Best People Ever

From bringing you into this world to dealing with your attitude problems as a kid, here are 10 reasons why mummies are the best

Yes, she's always exaggerated every single accomplishment you've ever made. And yes, she was there for every one of the school events that you've taken part in but she's also the one smiling with joy after going through nine months of pain of having you. She's your mother, that's what mums are meant to do!

Here are 10 reminders on why mummy's the best, in case you don't already know it yet. 

#1 Mums give the sweetest kisses


Even when you're soaked in mud after soccer practice, she'd still look at you as if you light up the whole sky. Come on, her kisses are always the ones that'll make you feel brand new after a bad day.

#2 We're wrapped around their little finger, but that's okay


You get annoyed with the curfews she still sets for you even though you're no longer a teenager. But face it, you're secretly glad she set those curfews for you because if she didn't, well...... you really won't be who you are now, would you?

#3 They're your role model


Whether it's the way she interacts with people or the way she cleans the house, you want to be just like her. But then again, why would you NOT want to be just like her?

#4 They give the warmest hugs


Yes, let's not even try to deny this.

#5 They pull the lamest pranks


But we always fall for them, always.

#6 They're basically life savers


How many times have you called her on the phone and have her come to you, where ever you are, less than an hour later?

#7 They know what's best for you, even if you don't agree


Which to be honest, you don't agree with her close to 100% of the time.

#8 They give the best advice


Although sometimes, not in a loving way.

#9 They're embarrassing sometimes, but that's okay


It's okay, for most times.

#10 They are a mum to everyone, basically

Let's face it, you've caught your friends calling her "mummy" before.


What do you love about your mum? Share your thoughts with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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