5 Reasons Why Pregnancy Sex is Just So Super Sexy

5 Reasons Why Pregnancy Sex is Just So Super Sexy

No one tells you that pregnancy sex can be even more spectacular than usual. These 5 reasons should be all the encouragement you need!

Your belly is expanding.. and so is your sex drive. While many pregnant ladies aren't in the mood for sex, just as many expectant mums find that their libido goes into overdrive

Sadly, this awesome gift from your body is often wasted. Many women abstain from pregnancy sex thinking that their partner might be put off, or for fear of hurting the baby. 

Scientifically speaking, there's no reason to worry that sex will affect the baby. Not only that, your pregnancy causes some bodily changes that can make pre-baby lovin' some of the best sex of your life. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely indulge in a pregnancy romp. 

1) You're ultra-hot

pregnancy sex

Sure, you can't see your feet for your protruding tummy and your water-bloated legs feel more elephant than woman. But trust us, your pregnancy makes you an extra foxy mama, and we bet your partner's thinking the same. 

Thanks to those pregnancy hormones, your face is radiant with the celebrated pregnancy glow. Your hair is becoming lusher and shinier by the week, and you've gone up a cup size or two. You're at the peak of your womanliness...

2) ...and your husband definitely agrees 

pregnancy sex

You might cringe when you look in the mirror, but your husband is probably eyeing your curves with awe and desire. Going by the testimony of these men interviewed by FitPregnancy, seeing their wives' bodies change and the sacrifices they made for their growing baby was a huge turn-on. 

No surprise there — your baby bump practically affirms his virility. If your husband hasn't been initiating sex lately, he might be trying to be considerate of your needs. Make the first move if you want it! 

3) Your lovemaking is gentler

pregnancy sex

Pregnancy doesn't change only the mums — dads get a good dose of hormonal changes too. Testosterone levels fall by up to a third, and estradiol levels see a drop as well. 

Decreasing these "aggression" hormones enables your man to become even gentler and more attentive than usual. If your man is an animal in bed, you'll get to enjoy a different side of him! Expect lingering foreplay and sweet, tender lovemaking. 

4) You enjoy better orgasms

pregnancy sex

Though many pregnant mamas report having fewer and less intense orgasms, this can be explained by psychological factors like stress about parenthood and insecurity with body image. 

During pregnancy, you actually have the potential to have more intense orgasms! You might have noticed that your lady bits are more engorged — this is because there's more blood flow to your uterus and pelvic area. 

When you climax, these engorged muscles are able to contract more forcefully. This means you're in for some toe-curling, back-arching, mindblowing finishes. Tell your man to hold on for the ride!

5) You can get creative

pregnancy sex

The baby bump you're rocking can get in the way of you and your husband's usual romp between the sheets. Fortunately, this allows you to get creative with your moves. 

Changing it up with safe pregnancy sex positions will definitely put that bit of spice in your intimacy. Plus, you and your husband can explore your new, ultra-sensitive body together — extra jiggles and all. 

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Jolene Hee

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