8 reasons why some parents avoid vaccination (and why they're not true)

8 reasons why some parents avoid vaccination (and why they're not true)

There's absolutely no reason for your child to not get a vaccination!

Vaccines and vaccination are one of the most important developments in human civilization. Vaccines have prevented countless diseases and has saved generations of people from debilitating illnesses. In spite of these facts however, some parents still choose not to vaccinate their kids. If you're still on the fence about getting your child vaccinated, this list should help you make up your mind.

1. Vaccines will overwhelm my baby's immune system

While it's true that kids today get more shots than kids back in the day, that simply means that they're protected against more diseases. So don't worry about the number of shots that your kid takes, it's all to make sure that they're immune to more diseases.

2. My child's immune system isn't developed, so it's better to delay some vaccines

There's actually no proof that says delayed vaccinations are. A lot of doctors agree that when it comes to vaccines, the sooner your child gets them, the better.

3. Vaccines contain toxins like mercury and antifreeze

While it's true that some vaccines contain trace amounts of chemicals such as aluminum salts, formaldehyde, and ethylmercury (which doesn't accumulate in your body), the amounts contained in vaccines are so small than what we're exposed to on a daily basis. So don't believe in the myths that vaccines are toxic, they're actually very safe.

4. Vaccines don't work anyway; which is why we always have to take flu vaccines every year

The reason why some vaccines such as flu vaccines, have to be taken yearly is because viruses such as the flu have different strains that a single type of vaccine won't work on. Vaccines aren't a miracle cure, but it can significantly reduce cases of disease and it also saves lives.

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5. If vaccines aren't dangerous, then why have there been court cases against vaccines?

It's true that there have been cases of vaccines causing complications in children, but they have been extremely rare and isolated cases. The benefits of getting your child vaccinated severely outweigh the extremely rare side effects.

6. Vaccines are only a way for big companies to make more money

It's true that pharmaceutical companies do gain a profit from vaccines. But they're not the cash cow that some people make vaccines to be. It's perfectly normal for these companies to earn a profit from the sale of vaccines since they're running a business, but there's certainly no validity to the claims that vaccines are a moneymaking scam.

7. The side effects of vaccines are worse than the actual disease

Vaccines go through rigorous testing that takes 10-15 years before they can get approved for use. A lot of government agencies as well as international groups test vaccines for any harmful side effects. Vaccines are very safe for everyone and there's no reason to be scared of vaccines.

8. Forcing me to vaccinate my child is against my rights

While it may be true that in the end it's your decision if you want to have your child vaccinated or not, you also have to understand that vaccines nowadays are extremely safe. Getting your child vaccinated also helps out other children through "herd immunity". Herd immunity basically means that if a large population of the community is immune against a certain disease, then the members of the community that aren't immune will have a certain level of protection since there are less carriers for disease. That's why vaccination is important not only for your child, but also for the community at large.

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