Real women talk about how fatherhood changed their partners for the better

Real women talk about how fatherhood changed their partners for the better

Real women speak up about how fatherhood has changed their partners

There are few life experiences that are as transformative as having a child. One theAsianparent Community user asked a question about how men are changed by fatherhood.

Real women talk about how fatherhood changed their partners for the better

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While some men react negatively to fatherhood, plenty of men experience positive changes after having a child. Mummies from theAsianparent Community shared their own experiences on how their partners became better overall after becoming a father.

1. He seems more content.

“He finally looked ‘settled,’” Roshni M. wrote. “Hard to explain, but there was a ‘sorted’ air around him.”

Pamela P. witnessed something similar in her partner: “He looked quite anchored and didn’t miss socializing as much as he did earlier.”

Having a kid is a huge accomplishment, and so it’s only natural that men would rearrange their priorities and gravitate towards their children. After all, there are few things more fulfilling than being a father.

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2. He becomes a better provider.

“The biggest change I noticed in my husband is that he now works harder for the family,” Raswan S. responded. “He started going to the gym to keep himself fit for the little one. Spends a lot of quality time with family. He’s very happy and proud of his son, and goes all out to give him the best.”

Men are the traditional breadwinners in the family. Once they have more mouths to feed, men have more motivation to put in the long hours.

But it’s important to learn balance. Jorelle A.’s husband used to meet up with his friends for a drink every week, but after she gave birth, he settled down and worked harder at the office. However, her husband now works a little too hard:

“Now he focuses TOO much on work till he hardly ever had time for family,” she wrote. “He always puts work on his top priorities and often neglected his family. I guess he still needs time to balance out things in his life.”

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3. He suddenly knows how to do housework.

You know you caught a good one when he steps up to the challenge and acts like a team player.

“I never knew my husband knows how to do housework,” wrote Stella B.Y. “We had dated eight years before we got married, and not once did I see him do any housework. Once I got pregnant, he knew how to mop the floor, bathe my dog, and do the dishes. Fatherhood made him a very good helper at home. He used to be glued to his computer, but is now so involved with my little girl. Fatherhood brings the best out of him and I am so impressed!”

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4. Positive change doesn’t happen immediately for everyone. Some dads need a little more time.

Chetna J. didn’t notice any drastic changes in her husband after their baby was born. Though he was affectionate with the baby, he still acted like a bachelor.

“It was not till the baby turned 4 that he actually started behaving like a father,” she wrote. “Now, he misses her when she is not around, and tries to be home on time because he wants to spend time with her. He takes her shopping for her dolls and clothes. He has just stepped into the shoes of a father.”

Transitioning into fatherhood can be life-changing for many dads, and their involvement in the little one’s lives can add so much colours. Were there changes in your partner after he became a father? What were some of your favourite moments? Share them with us in the Facebook comments 🙂

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