Say Goodbye To Whiteheads: How To Prevent Whiteheads From Growing

Say Goodbye To Whiteheads: How To Prevent Whiteheads From Growing

Whiteheads are not the devil's minions and you don’t have to worry yourself sick, wondering how to get rid of them. You can deal with them quite easily.

Blackheads, pimples and whiteheads have a way of ruining your life. They chose to appear right when you are preparing for a big day – your wedding, an important meeting, a hot date or your child’s parent teacher meeting.

While some people take them as a natural phenomenon in their lives and move on, others recoil with horror even years after their unfriendly guests decide to make an appearance on their face. In fact, I even remember a friend naming her visible whiteheads and blogging about them. Of course those blogs were literally hate blogs where she cursed her luck for ever having born with a skin that’s prone to having them.

You don’t have to go that far. That’s because whiteheads are not the devil’s minions as many people have come to believe. You don’t have to worry yourself sick, wondering how to get rid of whiteheads. You can deal with them quite easily.

Whiteheads are nothing but your sebaceous follicles that get clogged with unremoved sebum and dead skin. They may often contain dead bacteria too. Since these follicles are extremely tiny and the material clogging them is not oxidized, it remains white in color and may even appear as an off-white colored small lump.

While exfoliation of the skin is necessary to keep your skin looking healthy, over exfoliation may cause the dead cells to plug in the sebaceous follicles, causing the appearance of white heads. Excessive exfoliation or scratching of the skin may cause irritation to the follicles and they become plugged. Some people are also unfortunate enough to have sebaceous glands which produce sebum that is dryer than normal. Such people may have a chronic white head problem.

If you have a lot of whiteheads, you may also experience a mild acne problem as well. There are many topical applications that can be used for treating whiteheads and acne. This kind of medicine is applied directly on to the acne and whiteheads.

If you have the problem of dry sebum, you can treat this problem by keeping your skin well hydrated. This means that you should drink about 3-4 liters of water every day. You may also drink other liquids like juice etc which also have a good amount of water in them.

There are many skin treatment centers in Singapore. The Sloane Clinic has some good skin treatments that will help extrude the whiteheads. They have several clinics all over Singapore and have just opened another one at Orchard. National Skin Centre is another great place to visit a dermatologist, if your whiteheads have been especially troublesome and chronic.

Try not to pop or pinch out the whiteheads on your own. If you want to remove them, it is always better if you let a practiced hand take care of it. Try to avoid oily products. Even if your skin is dry, use products which are oil free or water based.

Keep your skin clean at all times and it will serve you well.

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Roshni Mahtani

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