Should I raise my child in Singapore?

Should I raise my child in Singapore?

Singaporean singer, Corrinne May, weighs the the pros and cons between raising her kids in Singapore and Los Angeles.

singaporean singer Corrine May decides on whether Singapore will be the ideal place to raise her children

Corrine May's conundrum

Born and raised in Singapore, Corrine May, a Singaporean singer, decided to shift to Los Angeles 14 years ago to establish her creative base. The New Paper recently wrote an article about her uncertainties about staying in L.A. for the rest of her life. As future plans for her kids start kicking in, Corrine May reveals that she has been struggling between choosing LA and moving back to Singapore.

Where should I raise my child?

Corrine May and many other parents alike are pondering over future prospects and contemplating on the most ideal environment to raise their young cubs. The same question applies to these parents—Should I raise my child in Singapore?

As for Corrine May, she returned to Singapore a year ago and is currently weighing the odds. Watching her 4-year-old daughter, Claire, run around with other local kids her age has left Corrine struggling with the decision to stay in L.A.

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Corrine has also reconnected with friends, and realised the importance of living around a close-knit community. She says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But even if she decides to remain in L.A., she is certain Claire is flexible enough to adapt a comfortable life.

raise my child Have you decided where you want to raise your child?

Why should I raise my child in Singapore?

Although many insist that Singapore is the best place to raise their children, not all parents think alike. We have sought the opinions of three women—two new mothers and one that is considering motherhood—about the prospects of raising their children in Singapore. In response to whether they would choose to raise their children in Singapore, here’s what they all have to say:

Justina, originally from Malaysia, with a 6-month-old daughter:

"I have chosen to settle down in Singapore because there are better job opportunities. Raising my daughter in Singapore would be ideal, since the education system is better. My children will be better exposed to various options. Singapore also has a nice and clean environment, safe for my children to grow up in. I plan on raising my kids here for the rest of my life."

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Nancy, originally from the UK, with a one-year-old son:

"My husband and I planned a long-term stay in Singapore, and are not shifting back any time in the near future. Singapore is safe and has a nice environment for my little boy to grow up in. The quality of life is also better here. There are lots of activities I can do with my family here as well. Back in the UK, it would be almost impossible and too dangerous for us to go for a swim after work."

Mrs. De Smet, originally from Malaysia, newly wed and considering parenthood:

"I definitely consider Singapore as one of my options to raise my child, but it is not the most ideal. Singapore is a safe and clean country and I want to expose my child to Asian culture, but if I were to raise my child in Singapore, it would only be for his or her initial five years. I do not find Singapore ideal because my child’s life would be overly scheduled with too many enrichment classes. My child would be too worried about getting ahead even at such an early age. There will be plenty of time to compete in the rat race later on in life."

Who do you agree with? Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Where should I raise my child?" Do you think Singapore is the best place to raise your child? For more on a typical family life in Singapore, watch this video:

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