How To Help Your Child Ace In School and Life

How To Help Your Child Ace In School and Life

To succeed in school these days take more than hard work and the ability to learn. Today’s top students need to empower themselves with learning strategies, a strong mindset and a conducive support system to help them achieve academic success.

The afternoon I was invited to attend Adam Khoo’s I Am Gifted!™ Introductory Workshop, I thought: “Oh no! Not another academic workshop that is going to sell us the promise of transforming my kids to A-students?!” Such workshops make me wary as I feel that their ultimate aim is to get us to sign these expensive programs with no assurance to expand my children’s interest in learning.

But what changed my mind was the fight I got into with my kids AGAIN over homework and grades that very same afternoon! These fights drain me of energy, leaving me discouraged and feeling like the worst parent on Earth!

My gripe that they were not putting enough efforts were falling on deaf ears and the ineffective sound of my own nagging voice burned through my soul like the jarring hole in Earth’s ozone layer. These copious fights over my son’s jaded attitude towards learning makes me deeply concerned about the negative effect it has on our mother-son relationship. And I was frustrated by my daughter’s mediocre performance in school despite her diligence. Maybe there is something in the I Am Gifted!™ Introductory Workshop that will help them.

“The present does not equate the Future.”

At the workshop, the Senior Trainer Danny Tong opened with this quote by Adam Khoo. It was strangely comforting and reassuring; offering a ray of hope to our academic troubles. The statement references that my kids’ current state of non-performance in school will not be a reflection to their success in the future puts things in perspective for me. If you need a local example, all you have to look is within our local shores at Adam Khoo, the I Am Gifted!™ founder himself who used the very techniques that your child will learn in the programme to transform himself from an underperforming teenager to top 1% of NUS.

Help Your Child To Ace

With 11 years under his belt, you can tell Danny is a seasoned trainer. He immediately put the crowd of almost 100 parents and kids at ease with his comical sense of humour and funny parent-child anecdotes. I love the way he expertly charmed us to commit to 100% participation at the workshop and the way he presented the “school work / grades struggles” which parents could relate to and yet was not offensive to the children.

Like the Pied Piper, the children followed his every move and responded actively to his directives. Parents were also nodding their heads or laughing with him as he divulged insights on how the brain functions, study strategies and secrets to doing well in exams.

Danny made me feel “heard” as a frustrated parent in our local academic system. Finally, here was someone who understood and acknowledged my fears and hopes for my children. That yes, I want them to do well in school, but more importantly my desire is for them to ENJOY learning and be life-long learners. I want to see the dimming flames of interest and curiosity in their eyes be rekindled. And I was gratified to know that here was an institution that understood and shared the same belief in catering their programs to achieve this means.

Moreover, they have the tools to help the students overcome their study obstacles while simultaneously building up their self-esteem, confidence and mindset in their academic career. Such a useful life skill! Now, here is a programme that I can get behind.

Another factor I was immediately attracted to are the study techniques taught through the programme. In order to excel in today’s academic environment, our kids need to read more, work faster and recall more information. Hence, study tools like speed reading, super memory and mind mapping are practical applications for our kids to learn.

What differentiated Adam Khoo’s I Am Gifted!™ programme from the others is the after-programme support system for the students like the Success Coaching Programme and Master Classes. I like that students continue to be supported in their academic pursues by trainers/coaches.

Overall, I thought the introductory workshop was engaging and enlightening. Bring your kids along. It will be worth their while. They will understand why parents nag. Thank you Danny!

It was definitely worth my time to attend the workshop as I walked away with a boat load of useful tips to help my kids in their studies and reflections on how I view education for them.

The next I Am Gifted!™ introductory workshops are held on the following dates:

Date Time Venue
7 – 8 May (Sat & Sun) 2pm-5pm Lifelong Learning Institute 11 Eunos Road 8, (S) 408601
14 – 15 May (Sat & Sun) 2pm-5pm Lifelong Learning Institute 11 Eunos Road 8, (S) 408601
21 – 22 May (Sat & Sun) 2pm-5pm 51 Cuppage Road (Old Starhub Centre)
#06-16, (S) 229469
28 – 29 May (Sat & Sun) 3pm-6pm 51 Cuppage Road (Old Starhub Centre)
#06-16, (S) 229469
4 – 5 Jun (Sat & Sun) 3pm-6pm 51 Cuppage Road (Old Starhub Centre)
#06-16, (S) 229469

Do Register HERE If You Are Interested To Attend.

Please check this website for other dates if the ones above do not work for you. Keep in mind the dates for their Junior Camp (6 – 10 June) and Senior Camp (11 – 15 June) this year.

Please check back on the registration page for updated dates. If you wish to preregister for future workshops, please send an email to [email protected] or call 68414733.

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