The best thing about being a father...

The best thing about being a father...

We decided to compile some quotes from fathers on the best thing about being a father... Father's Day is coming up so we got some fathers to get in touch with their sappy sensitive side. They did and here's what they have to say...


Quotes from fathers

Dominique with his newborn

Quotes from fathers

Dominique De Smet, divorced father of 1:

Father’s Quote: The only thing that I can say is, knowing that you have a little part — flesh and blood — of yourself around. It gives you an unknown feeling of responsibility and joy that you have someone that looks up to you…to set yourself as an example for your child, so he/she can make the right decisions for a brighter future.

But in my situation, I cannot perform my duties/joy as a real father… makes me feel sad and empty.

Andy Probert, father of 4:

I am one of these that reasons why have one day to celebrate being a father when you have 360 odd other days in the year to revel in fatherhood in helping, guiding and caring for your children, or simply being with them.

Just for my daughter to say eight little letters in three words when she went to bed summed up why being a dad has changed my outlook forever. Just for her to say ‘I love you’ just confirms all the good things about striving to be a dad and a good person.”

Theva Nithy, father of 3:

Being a dad is about lots of hard work, sacrifices, pain, happiness, disappointments, excitement and anxiety – the everyday range of emotional upheavals you go through simply because your mind is so intertwined with that of your child’s. Then you suddenly realise that your child is valued by his friends and teachers; that he makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives and that he has suddenly turned into this caring, responsible and independent human being who is able to look at the world through new eyes.

Most of all, the best thing about being a dad is when your child comes up to you for no reason at all, gives you a hug and says, “I love you dad.”

Then he serves you this horrible looking and tasting dish that he made up all on his own in the kitchen, and you smile and wolf it all down simply because there is no way you are going to disappoint this person who has taken over your life and whose life has become more important than your own.

Quotes from fathers

Theva Nithy with his family

More quotes from fathers

Kevin Woo, father of 3:

I don’t have my kids all the time and my biggest chunk of time is coming up. They’ll be with me for nearly two months.

The best thing about being a dad is that I have learned not to take myself too seriously. I see the joy in their eyes when they go to the park or when they’re playing with something at a museum and “it” clicks. The “ah ha” moments are priceless.

I tend to put too much emphasis on work when they’re not here. It’s totally the opposite when they are. It’s all about them and they teach ME how to have fun. We linger at the dinner table and talk, we go to museums, we ride horses. It’s all about experiences with us. But then again, my situation is different since they’re not here all the time.

Quotes from fathers

Terence Too and his family

Terence Too, father of 1:

The best part about being a father starts when you see your precious baby in the delivery ward for the first time. When you hold her tight towards your chest, you feel that as a father, it is your job to protect her and shower her with love.

It is a joy to see her grow day by day, and it feels good to see her after a long workday. The way she responds when you call her name and the different facial expressions that she make helps to take away all the stress and worries of the day. It feels good to bond with your child, and words can’t describe how much I love being a father!

Quotes from fathers

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William Klippgen, father of 3:

The best time as a father is to watch my children grow and mastering their lives – be it overcoming a fear, mastering a new skill or just enjoying life.

Stefan Goh, father of 2:

To watch my children grow up and attend to their needs during the various stages of life.

Weng Keong Chin, father of 2:

Watching your baby grow up into a unique, opinionated, individualistic person.

Quotes from fathers

Dave Sklar holding his baby for the first time 21 years ago.

Dave Sklar, father of 1:

Over the centuries and across the world’s many cultures, fathers’ roles vary radically — it’s amazing and saddening to think that in my own dad’s time, fathers were kept away from the birthing experience, and that in Victorian times the model father was stern and distant.  I feel blessed to have been a parent in a society that embraces fatherhood as being a role equally important and nurturing!

Happy Father’s Day!


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