'Quite Traumatic': Priscelia Chan And Alan Tern Scalded By Hot Coffee At Cafe

'Quite Traumatic': Priscelia Chan And Alan Tern Scalded By Hot Coffee At Cafe

Are you aware of what to do if your child suffers a burn?

Never underestimate the injury a hot drink can cause – a painful lesson local actress Priscelia Chan and her husband, former actor Alan Tern, learnt last week.

The 42-year-old posted an Instagram Story last Thursday (Dec 3), sharing that both she and Alan, 44, were scalded by hot coffee at a cafe the day before.

'Quite Traumatic': Priscelia Chan And Alan Tern Scalded By Hot Coffee At Cafe

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Priscelia shared photos of the burns on her and Alan’s thighs, hoping to remind people of what “super hot coffee” can do.

“It was quite traumatic in a way. We were literally jumping in pain,” she wrote.

She also made clear the incident was caused by a careless mistake on their part.

“It’s not the cafe’s fault, it’s Alan’s blunder. I don’t know what happened exactly, too. He just gently knocked it, and it could be that the cup was not very (well) balanced, so it just toppled,” Priscelia told 8 Days.

She “freaked out” when the incident happened and immediately rushed to the toilet to run water over the affected area.

“(Alan’s burn) was really painful, too, because he had a hole in his jeans, so the spill went straight to his skin. For me, there was still a layer of denim,” she added.

She confessed that they did not know how hot liquid can cause so much pain and damage.

Priscelia Chan

Priscelia Chan shares “traumatic” experience of being scalded with hot coffee. | Image source: Screengrab/Instagram/prisceliachan

Fortunately, the cafe’s customers and staff were very caring, providing Priscelia with tissues while she was waiting in turn for the toilet. The cafe also offered a free cup of coffee as a replacement.

Even though the pair continued to run water over their injury for nearly half an hour when they got home, the burns did not seem to improve.

“The pain subsided, compared to the initial shock, but you could still feel your skin burning,” Priscelia shared.

Alan eventually went down to the clinic alone as his injury was more serious, and he was prescribed a topical medication to prevent infection.

“In retrospect, it was quite an experience,” quipped Priscelia. “Even though it was quite traumatic, we’re trying to make light of it.”


This article was first published in AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.


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