Woman suffers burns after microwaved eggs explode in her face

Woman suffers burns after microwaved eggs explode in her face

The young woman had microwaved eggs while following instructions she had found on a food website. To her horror, they exploded in her face...

All she wanted were some eggs for breakfast, but Bethany Rosser ended up with burns on her face in the morning. The 22-year-old woman from England had microwaved eggs on 6 Aug 2019 while following instructions she found on food website Delish.

Horror after microwaved eggs explode in woman's face nearly blinding her

She placed the eggs in a jug filled with water, added salt, and popped them into the microwave. Six minutes later, Rosser took the jug out of the appliance.

Little did she know that the eggs would suddenly explode in her face while checking if they were done, The Sun reported.

Despite the scare, Rosser managed to call the emergency hotline and splash cold water on her face.

While waiting for help, the young woman noticed a layer of skin had peeled off.

She was later taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham to treat her burns.

"I could feel my skin burning for hours afterwards — even while it was being treated in hospital," Rosser said.

She also claimed that she was nearly blinded in her right eye. Her vision out of the swollen eye had been "very blurry" and it is currently unclear if the damage will be permanent.

The woman blamed her injuries on Delish's instructions, which have since been taken down from the website.

Although the trick may have worked for some people, eggs heated in microwaves are known to explode due to the rapid heating that causes steam to build up under the yolk membrane and bursting open from the pressure. 

microwaved eggs

With Rosser's story serving as a cautionary tale, the safest way to prepare hard boiled eggs is to cook them on the stove or use an egg boiler.

Here is a video about why eggs explode in the microwave AND how you can microwave eggs without ending up with a mess.

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