List of Support Services To Help You Quit Smoking In Singapore

List of Support Services To Help You Quit Smoking In Singapore

There are many smoking cessation support groups that can help you quit smoking in Singapore. Parents who want to start growing their family and are eager to overcome this deathly habit can seek help from these available programmes.

After a long day of work and house chores, you might have gotten used to seeking stress relief from one cigarette which then leads to another then eventually you’ve smoked a whole pack. But with a baby on the way, you might have already come to realise why it’s time to quit the habit once and for all. Luckily there are various smoking cessation programmes in Singapore that can help you quit smoking. 

Smoking already causes about 90% of lung cancer cases and is even linked to 14 types of cancer. Second-hand smoke can be even more dangerous for non-smokers and their families as well. It could be especially harmful to your children, and mothers may even be at risk of premature delivery, ectopic pregnancy or abortion. That is why couples who are planning to add a new little member to their family are eager to quit smoking for good.

Although as addictions go, smoking has become too much of a chronic habit for people to just drop immediately. So for parents who want to start living healthier for their future kids, it is not too late to seek help and never have your lips touch a cigarette again. If you’re ready to take that big step to finally quitting for your growing family, here are support groups and smoking cessation programmes in Singapore that will help you through your journey officially quit smoking. 

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Quit Support Groups & Therapist Services

I QUIT Club 

Join the I Quit 28-Day Countdown, a support programme to start living smoke-free for 28 days which would eventually lead to quitting forever. All you need to do is sign up on their website as your first steps to quitting smoking. Reply “Quit Yes” to the first SMS you receive from the programme and you’re on your way to quitting smoking. You can also be part of their Facebook group and share your experiences through your smoke-free journey as well as receive tips on how to overcome smoking. For more information, visit their website here

National Addictions Management Service (NAMS)

NAMS has counselling and behavioural modification for those that want to live more healthily and quit smoking for good. A doctor and counsellor will help you plan the best treatment fit for you to recover from smoke addiction. They even include support groups for aftercare clients as well as their families. You can contact them for appointments at 6-RECOVER (6-7326837) or visit their website here.

Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

The Institute of Mental Health offers a Smoking Cessation Programme to patients in need of care and support to officially quit smoking. Their Pharmacy clinic has experts that are free to consult with and will give patients methods in coping with smoking as well as give advice to prevent relapse. You can visit their website here, for more information or call 6389 2000 for general enquiries.

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Most of National Healthcare Group’s polyclinics provide Smoking Cessation Programme that aims to assist those who want to start living smoke-free. They offer personal counselling and follow-up sessions with certified Quit Smoking Consultants to help you on your journey to stop smoking for good. You can call 6355 3000 for an appointment or submit an online request to get on board with the programme here

Singapore General Health Hospital 

You can start treatment to quit smoking at Singapore General Health Hospital’s Smoking Cessation Programme by visiting their Lung Center (Clinic B).

Their programme includes behavioural therapy, pharmacologic intervention and even relapse prevention for aftercare treatment. The treatment provided may be done through consultation, group therapy and individual therapy. You can also call 6321 4377 for Outpatient Appointments.

For more information on appointments, check out their website here.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital 

You can visit Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Smoking Cessation Clinic to overcome your addiction to smoking and relapses. You can be treated by their team of certified Quit Smoking Consultants who will guide and support you through your journey of quitting the habit. After getting your smoking history, the consultants will provide a proper plan for you to resist smoking and cope with withdrawal. The first session costs $25 with a follow-up session worth $15. Visit their website here or call 6889 4343 / 6357 7000 for appointments or enquiries. 


WE CARE provides services for those struggling with any type of addiction such as drugs, alcoholism, smoking and more. Their mission to treat and provide care for those struggling with such addictions including smokers who are determined to live healthier. For their SOAR (Substance or Alcohol Recovery) Programme, they offer treatment planning and counselling specially made for each client. The programme includes 6 individual sessions, 4 group sessions and 2 optional family sessions. To make an appointment you can call 3165 8017 or email them through [email protected] 

Alexandra Hospital 

Alexandra Hospital’s Osteoporosis Clinic also provides smoking cessation services along with their non-pharmacologic counsellings as part of preventing any risks to their patients’ health. You visit their main website here or contact them through the number 6379-3330 / 3331. 

Changi General Hospital

If you’re determined to quit the deathly habit of smoking, you can make an appointment at Changi General Hospital’s clinic for smoking cessation. The clinic provides counselling and treatment from Certified Quit Smoking Consultant pharmacists who will be monitoring you throughout your quit plan. To start your smoke-free journey with them you can call 6850 3333 or check their website here


The Guardian’s programme for smoking cessation highlights S.T.O.P. (Speak To your Pharmacist) as they focus on helping those eager to quit smoking live a healthier life. The programme has 9 personalised sessions that in total includes face-to-face interviews and phone counselling. The registration fee is $60 for all sessions. To start S.T.O.P. you can fill out the form on their website here then wait for your assigned pharmacist to call for your first appointment or you can directly call them at 6891 8100. 

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Quit-lines To Help You Quit Smoking

  • QuitLine (1800 438 2000)

For those who want to quit smoking, Quitline offers toll-free counselling from Monday to Friday at 8:30am to 5pm and on Saturday at 8:30am to 1pm. 

  • NAMS All Addictions Helpline 6-RECOVER (6-7326837)

Other than programmes, NAMS also offers a helpline for addictions including smoking. You can call them for general enquiries for appointments.  

  • WE CARE (3165 8017)

Since WE CARE aims to be one of the leading centres for people struggling with addiction, they have a helpline available to provide help and support.

Through these helplines and programmes available in Singapore, we hope that you find the will to quit smoking and live healthier with your family. Once you realize that quitting earlier is better for you, these support organisations can guide you through a smoke-free life.


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