Vacuum while your child sleeps

Vacuum while your child sleeps

Shhh! We've got a secret to tell you. There's a vacuum cleaner that’s so quiet, it won’t wake the baby! We take a look at this revolutionary new product.

BoschFor something so quiet, it’s actually making a lot of noise -- in the household consumer world that is. With the new Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence, interrupting the kid’s cartoons, waking up the baby, or scaring the living daylights out of the family pet, could all now be a thing of the past.

Most people find vacuum cleaners a bit of a pain in the head.  Whether it’s the baby, dog or neighbor who kicks up a fuss, noise pollution around the house is never a nice thing. Sustained exposure to loud noises can affect us psychologically, impairing how we think and how we feel. Reducing noise made by household chores is just one way we can keep our homes a sanctuary from the outside world.

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We’ve tried the new cleaner from Bosch, and its name doesn’t disappoint. The sound produced could be compared to a quiet conversation, or the hum of an air-conditioning unit, rather than that of a wind turbine created by most others. In fact, most other vacuum cleaners produce around 85dB, compared to 66dB produced by the Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence.

Watch the Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence in action:

Why’s it so quiet?

Everything about the design has been made specifically with sound in mind. The motor was developed in a way that keeps vibration noise to a minimum. The materials used, such as PUR-integral foam, melamin foam and acoustic mats, all help absorb noise and keep your house as peaceful as it should be.

Intelligent design Intelligent design is the quietest ever

The test

Its suction is pretty impressive too. At the product launch event, contestants were set the challenge of sucking up a cup of spilt popcorn. The winner, a novice user, managed to clean up the mess in a matter of just over 3 seconds! See the pic of this below!

Vacuum cleaner in action Gone in 3 seconds: winner cleans up popcorn

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Self cleaning

Not only is the vacuum cleaner quiet – but it can clean itself too. Bosch have integrated a sensor that knows exactly when the airflow is restricted (due to a buildup of dust). The system then self-activates its cleaning routine, meaning peak performance is maintained and less work is made for you.

Like most modern vacuum cleaners, it comes with all the accessories that you'd expect. The Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence includes:

-  4 wheels for easy maneuverability

-  Detachable brushes

-  11 meter cable

-  Removable 3 liter dust container

We suggest you try it out for yourself – hearing really is believing!

The Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence is available at all leading electrical and departmental stores island wide from May 2013, starting at $749.


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Written by

Wafa Marican

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