Cleaning Products As Bad For Lungs As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

Cleaning Products As Bad For Lungs As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

A new study found that regular use of household cleaners can have an effect similar to smoking one pack of cigarettes a day! Read on to learn more about these cleaning product dangers.

Mums, we all know that cleaning products are essential to keeping your home spick and span. But have you ever thought about the cleaning product dangers that come with using these products on a daily basis?

According to a new study, cleaning products are extremely harmful to your health. Researchers have discovered that their impact on the lungs is as toxic as smoking 20 cigarettes a day!

cleaning product dangers

Daily use of chemical cleaning products can damage your lungs! Photo from: Wikimedia Commons

What are these cleaning product dangers?

Scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway conducted a study on the long-term effects of cleaning products. They tracked 6,000 women, with an average age of 34, who used cleaning products for at least two decades.

They found out that the lung function of women who used the products was similar to smokers who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day!

Dr. Cecile Svanes, the senior author for the study, shares, “While the short-term effects of cleaning chemicals on asthma are becoming increasingly well documented, we lack knowledge of the long-term impact.”

“We feared that such chemicals, by steadily causing a little damage to the airways day after day, year after year, might accelerate the rate of lung function decline that occurs with age,” she adds.

The scientists also discovered that the women who regularly used cleaning products were more prone to asthma. The products also had a negative impact on their lung capacity.

“When you think of inhaling small particles from cleaning agents that are meant for cleaning the floor and not your lungs, maybe it is not so surprising after all,” adds Øistein Svanes, a lead author for the study.

The scientists recommend using water and microfiber cloth as a safer alternative to chemical cleaners.

What are safer alternatives to cleaning products?

As much as mums want to keep their homes clean, it’s not always easy to find a cleaning product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. However, there are many alternatives that are not only safe, but also easy to find at home!

Here are just a few cleaning products that you can use:

  • A solution of white vinegar and water inside a spray bottle is a good all-purpose cleaner for your home. It’s great for wiping down grease stains and removing mildew, especially in your bathroom.
  • Baking soda is a lifesaver for household cleaning. Not only is it a natural deodorizer, but it’s also good for dealing with stubborn stains. Just mix some baking soda with water to create a paste, and you have a scouring paste that can deal with the toughest stains.
  • Lemon juice not only smells good, but it also has a disinfectant effect on the surfaces you use it on. It’s great for sterilizing cutting boards. Just slice half a lemon, and rub it on the surface of the board. Once that’s done, rinse it with hot water.
  • Isopropyl alcohol. While isopropyl alcohol isn’t an all-purpose cleaner, it’s a great disinfectant! Use it on phone handsets, doorknobs, switches, computer keyboards, or any other surface that regularly gets touched.
  • Mineral oil. If you have wooden furniture, mineral oil is a cheap and chemical-free way of making sure they’re always nice and shiny. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil to give it a pleasant scent!
  • Toothpaste. Toothpaste is great for removing tarnish and polishing silver. It’s also great for removing water stains on wooden furniture!


Source: Newsweek

Photos from: Wikimedia Commons,

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