Mummy's turn: 6 questions for my children

Mummy's turn: 6 questions for my children

Kids are great at asking their mums endless and sometimes unanswerable questions. Now it's your turn, mums! Be prepared to chuckle away...

1. Why is everything such a drama? Like the day you had a meltdown because I told you french fries were made of potato...

2. Why do you choose the playground, supermarket or other public place to throw a mega-tantrum?

3. Why must you blame your brother for everything?

4. Why do you look like I'm feeding you garbage? You should know I put in loads of effort to make that puree, young lady!

5. Is that glass delicious? I just cleaned it, FYI.

6. Why do you have this effect on me? Like I'm about to explode with love? My heart is about to burst, you know...

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