5 questions to ask your kids before giving them cellphones

5 questions to ask your kids before giving them cellphones

Is your child ready for the responsibility of a cellphone?

The practicality of being able to reach anyone via cellphone at any given moment speaks for itself. This level of accessibility extends to your children, and in some ways it's even more important to be able to reach them.

Imagine you're running late, you're calling to check up on them, you need to tell them something, or you just want them to be able to reach you in case of emergency. These are all valid reasons for parents to provide their children with cellphones. But how do we know when they are ready to be given a cellphone? How do we know that our children will use their cellphone properly? Can they be responsible if given the expensive piece of hardware?

Before you assume it's an appropriate time to give your kids the new Samsung or iPhone, perhaps you should ask them these 5 questions:


1. How would you use your cellphone?

Kids will obviously want a cellphone, but it's important to know how they will use it. Will they use it to browse the web, various apps, and YouTube videos? Probably. But you need to make sure they understand the real and practical reasons for using a cellphone. That reason is stay in communication with you, and to stay safe. Everything else is icing on the cake.


2. Do you understand rules/restrictions your school and I have about cellphones?

This helps reiterate expectations you have regarding how they'll use their cellphone as well as remind them that schools are relatively strict when it comes to kids and their cellphones. Let them know that these rules and restrictions are there for a reason and they're expected to abide by your rules and school rules no matter what.


3. What reasons would I have to worry about you owning a cellphone?

This question puts the ball in their court, so to say. It gives them a chance to express some of the reasons why you might be tentative about giving them a cellphone, and in doing so, let's them know exactly what you expect out of them. All the while, you didn't do anything but ask a simple question.

5 Questions to ask your kids before giving them cellphones

4. Can you tell me five places where it's not okay to use a cellphone?

This question will help instill proper cellphone etiquette in your children. They need to understand where it is and where it is not okay to use their cellphones for many reasons. For example, they need to understand that at school it is never okay to use their cellphone. The same goes with the dinner table (if that's your preference). Help them understand the basic dos and don'ts.


5. What happens if you lose or break your cellphone?

Obviously, cellphones aren't cheap. But if you take good care of them, they're worth every bit of that steep price tag. That's why you must ensure that your child is capable of safeguarding their phones. If they lose it or break it, let them know that it can't just be replaced that easily. It will motivate them to be more conscientious and careful with their phone and with all of their possessions as well.


What do you think, mums and dads? Can you trust your kids with a cellphone?

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