Take Charge of Your Qi with Meridian Energy Health Analysis: Expert Tips from ECON Chinese Medicine

Take Charge of Your Qi with Meridian Energy Health Analysis: Expert Tips from ECON Chinese Medicine

A licensed TCM Physician from ECON Chinese Medicine explains the efficacy of Meridian Energy Health Analysis and how it can give you distinct insights into the overall conditions of your body systems and organs. Read on to find out more.

The concept of ‘Qi’ is widely discussed today with such intrigue and fascination across the globe, from interpretations of the martial arts on the silver screen to modern studies on spirituality and enlightenment. No matter the reference, ‘Qi’ or ‘life energy’ is always associated with power and energy that comes from within everyone. Have you ever wondered what ‘Qi’ means to you and what your inner ‘life energy’ is telling you?

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains ‘Qi’ as the ‘life energy’ that circulates throughout a meridian channel that connects vital organs within your body. ‘Qi’ flows freely throughout your body when you are healthy, but becomes blocked when your health suffers due to build-up of toxins or troubled organs. As such, understanding the flow of your ‘Qi’ is key to getting an accurate reading of your health conditions and pin-pointing problems in your internal organs which may otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late.

As agreed by experts in the field, one sure-fire way to understand your ‘Qi’ is by undergoing a Meridian Energy Health Analysis. Non-invasive, quick and easy, a health examination using the Meridian Energy Analysis Device (MEAD) can measure the energy of the 24 meridian points of the human body. Once completed, the MEAD can not only advise on the overall condition of your body and internal organs, but also even recommend personalised treatments you may require to heal existing conditions or to improve your general health and wellness.

There is no need for X-rays, blood tests or fasting, and you will receive your report within five minutes – it’s no wonder that Meridian Energy Health Analysis is steadily gaining popularity amongst young professionals and busy families!

Meridian Energy Health Analysis gives you immediate insights on your health including:

  • Physical and mental status
  • Metabolism
  • Musculoskeletal balance
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Vital organs
  • Energy status
  • Chronic energy deficiencies
  • Early warning of probable future dysfunctions

In order to be effective, it is important that the Meridian Energy Health Analysis is administered by a certified licenced TCM physician, accredited by the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB).

Meridian Energy Health Analysis is administered at ECON Chinese Medicine Clinics across the following locations:

152B Bishan St 11
#01-271, Singapore 572151
Tel: (65) 6659 0217

Bukit Batok
230A Bukit Batok St 21
#02-423, Singapore 65123
Tel: (65) 6268 6209

51 Havelock Road
#01-25, Singapore 161051
Tel: (65) 6659 6400

Jurong | West Point Hospital
235 Corporation Drive,
Singapore 619771
Tel: (65) 6262 5828

Visit their website here or drop them an email at [email protected] to find out more!traditional chinese medicine

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This article was written by a licensed TCM Physician from ECON Chinese Medicine.

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