This mum's poem will make you fearless about public breastfeeding

This mum's poem will make you fearless about public breastfeeding

This mum's clever poem is a must-read if you're afraid to breastfeed publicly. Her fiery rhymes will give you the courage you need!

After all this time, it seems that public breastfeeding is still a thorny issue for Singaporean mums. Though more breastfeeding areas are becoming available in public spaces like malls, mums who nurse in public still attract more than their fair share of stares and judgment. 

Well, one breastfeeding mother has found an ultra-creative way to vent her frustration. In the latest edition of confident mums telling it like it is, Whitney Renee Huntwork recently wrote a catchy poem on public breastfeeding.

The poem is directed at all those who photograph, ogle at, and vilify mums simply trying to nourish their bubs. We are loving this mum's wit and sass!

The poem was shared on popular Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk, along with an arresting photo of Whitney breastfeeding her son at the supermarket.

In the picture, Whitney strikes a power woman pose, arms akimbo and head flung proudly upwards. Her son sits in the supermarket trolley, at the perfect height to nurse. It's the very image of majestic motherhood.

Inspired by Whitney's fearlessness, other mums in the group chipped in with their own public breastfeeding shots.

Doesn't the poem's snappy rhyme make you want to rap along? This mum's verse may sound lighthearted, but her blitheness sends a very important message.

That is, public breastfeeding should be a positive and worry-free activity for mums. It shouldn't be something muted or even unduly serious — rather, it's as normal an activity as eating in public, for babies. 

"I'll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don't like my boob I still don't care." Mums, the next time you feel uneasy about breastfeeding in public, keep this mantra in mind. With time and effort, we can get closer to normalizing public nursing, one breastfeeding anthem at a time. 

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