Shy about breastfeeding in public, Singapore?

Shy about breastfeeding in public, Singapore?

A mummy asks "How do I get over my discomfort of nursing in public?"


Here is an insight on breastfeeding publicly in Singapore

If you have reservations about breastfeeding in public, the first step is becoming comfortable with nursing your baby at home. You want to have mastered the skills of latching on before you breastfeed in public.

You can practice discreet breastfeeding in front of family members. If they are uncomfortable with you breastfeeding your baby in front of them, explain to them that breastfeeding is something natural.

If they still feel uncomfortable, then ask them to take their leave when you breastfeed. You need to be assertive about your right to breastfeed. Once, you and baby are at ease with breastfeeding you can now venture outside.

Sentiments from our Facebook fan page:

Irene Chan-Whitlam: I breastfeed anytime anywhere as and when baby requires milk. All I do is have a shawl wrap around me to cover up while breastfeeding. I don’t care how others look or think as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding our child.

Stephanie Goh: I always do but with nursing covers or a bigger sized shirt. Does that count?

YL Cow:  I breastfed in public for both my kids for 6 years! I fed on demand & couldn’t care less where I was. I didn’t bother having shawls or bibs, nor hide in rooms, but I did have really stylish breastfeeding outfits that covered what needed to be covered. I had a sarong sling that allowed me to breastfeed hands free too.

Aimi Aiko Arif:  I did in taxi coz my daughter was really hungry.. if bus and mrt not possible to feed.

Annastacia Keyworth: I do all the time, i dont give a …… what they think . It’s a gift from God.

Dee Nady:  I breastfeed all my 3 boys as n when they are thirsty..n of course with a nursing bib..recently I saw an Asian lady proudly wear a tube top n breastfeed her twins without using any bibs!!!!i was shocked when I see that!!she cld get arrested if anyone call the police!i ever heard fm a police officer friend of mine that he ever arrest a mother who breastfeed openly without using any cover n purposely expose her boobs!!

Erika Melson-Lim:  I breastfed both my angels for a total of 6 years and it was on demand. I never used a nursing bib but I was very discreet and also had my Sarong Sling if there was a need for coverage. i did love using Pretty nursing rooms when it was available becoz nothing beats a comfy aircon room to nurse a squirmy toddler. I will never forget the time I was nursing my 6month old toddler @Ikeas restaurant and a ‘auntie’ told me ‘aiyah you should do that in the toilet!’ So I said , ‘don’t look if it offends you OR better yet why DON’T YOU take your lunch to the TOILET AND EAT THERE!!!’

Ellie Ng: Salute u ladies. But in Malaysia, not a norm, as there are a lot of humsup idiots LOOKING at u, rephrase.. STARING at your breast if u do that. Damn it. So, usually will recommend to do in private, nursing room @ malls or home, etc. Sad, with such nation.. we women are doing something noble, where these men taking it for granted, thinking its free show.. **piss off!!

Nita Talib: I breastfeed my daughter anytime anywhere even in the crowded MRT whenever she needs it……and she’s turning 2 this month & still breastfeeding..people can stare as long as they want i don’t care…BREASTFEEDING ROCKS.

June Othman:  Yes! I did that when my boys were infant.. Nothing to be ashamed of as long as I did not exposed anything to others. Anyway there are baby rooms in a lot of shopping centre then and now… Breastfeeding is very soothing to my soul.

Tiffany Yip: Yes I have! so long I am covered up. Don’t make other ppl feel uneasy also.

Tell us what your sentiments are about breastfeeding in public Singapore.

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Roshni Mahtani

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