Mums’ secret to gently protecting baby’s delicate skin

Mums’ secret to gently protecting baby’s delicate skin

Everything you use for your baby's care - from his clothes to laundry products - may have an effect on his delicate skin. Find out about a mum-tested way to keep your little one's skin soft and free from irritation.

Your child’s skin is silky soft and so utterly kissable. But as irresistibly touchable your little one’s skin is, it is also ultra-delicate and sensitive.

Understanding this, mums go the extra mile to look after their baby’s skin. This protection might be in the form of choosing the best skincare products for their baby, or selecting only soft, cotton clothing.

When you think about it, your baby’s clothes are constantly in contact with his skin. So it makes sense that, like all other things you choose for your baby, you select only the best of these too.

But children can also be messy little things and their clothes need to be washed frequently. How do you make sure then, that they retain their softness so they don’t irritate your baby’s skin? And how do you ensure that the products you use to wash their clothes don’t contain harsh ingredients that may harm your baby’s skin?


Wrap your precious baby in softness, with Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner.

Protecting your baby’s skin gently and effectively

A fabric conditioner is a great way to keep your family’s clothes soft and gentle against the skin. However, a harsh, low quality conditioner can irritate and harm not only your little one’s skin, but even that of other family members, especially if they have sensitive skin.

To avoid this, more Singaporean mums are turning to Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner.

But it’s not just your baby’s clothes that Comfort Ultra Pure is good for. This trusted brand in fabric conditioner helps mums provide optimum care for their whole family by giving them soft, comfortable and delicately fragranced laundry every day.

Here are reasons why Comfort Ultra Pure is the best choice when choosing a fabric conditioner for your baby and family:

  • Its special hypoallergenic formula with no dyes included, protects delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Delivers impeccable softness and long lasting mild fragrance gentle to the nose.
  • Keeps clothes fibres intact so that they feel soft and gentle to the touch.
  • Dermatologically tested* with skincare research.
  • Suitable for entire family’s usage.

*Dermatalogically tested for sensitive skin by a leading Vietnamese dermatalogical institute

protect your baby's skin

Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner is safe and gentle to use on your baby’s clothes, leaving them soft and comfortable against his skin.

Other than using Comfort Ultra Pure to help protect your baby’s skin, here are some other tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Wash any new clothing for your baby before dressing him in it for the first time. Washing before wearing will remove excess dyes that may irritate your little one’s skin.
  • Wash your baby’s clothes on a gentle cycle to keep them softer.
  • Avoid wool clothing, especially as undergarments, and go for soft, cotton alternatives which will help keep your child’s skin comfortable especially in our humid weather.
  • Always use a moisturiser on your baby’s delicate skin after a bath.

Keep your little one smiling with Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner!

Mums, if you would like to try out Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner, request a sample via

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Give Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner a try and tell us what you think about it by leaving comments below.

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