It's Important To Choose Gentle When Caring For Your Baby's Skin

It's Important To Choose Gentle When Caring For Your Baby's Skin

Because nothing is more delicate than your little one's skin.

Your baby's skin is nothing like adult skin. Baby skin is softer and thinner making it more delicate. This also means that your baby's skin is more prone to allergies, rashes and irritants. That's why as parents, it's important to choose gentle—not just in caring for your baby, but also in the products we use on them.

What does it mean to choose gentle?

A baby's skin has a higher rate of water absorption and desorption compared with adults. And when a baby's skin is dry, allergens and bacteria can penetrate it easily. 

That's why when it comes to taking care of our baby's skin, it's important to have a gentle skin regimen. This means using products and care that support our baby's skin barrier and help nurture their skin's microbiome—a collection of microorganism that lives on the skin and protects it from harmful bacteria. This is especially important to understand when choosing products for our baby's skin because infant skin microbiome is still developing. 

New Formula, New Standard of Gentle

During its biggest re-launch to-date on Thursday 25 April 2019, Johnson's has introduced its reformulated its range of products that now only contain a "selection of purposeful ingredients and has complete ingredient transparency." The new line of products—which includes top-to-toe wash, baby shampoo, and body lotion—now has over 50 percent lesser ingredients. And according to Johnson's, the ingredients have undergone a rigorous 5-step safety-assurance process.

In addition, the new Johnson's Baby range has no added parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes (except for the Active Kids Clean & Fresh Bath) and fragrance allergens. The products are also hypoallergenic with more than 90 percent naturally derived ingredients. For us parents, this promises greater peace of mind that it's gentle enough for our baby's skin.

"For the relaunch, we put parents at the center—listening to more than 26,000 parents from around the world—and paired their feedback with the latest science to improve our products inside and out. The result is a gentler, simpler product ... [that is] 100 percent gentle for babies’ skin," Ganesh Bangalore, Head of Marketing, Baby Care Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson Consumer.

The brand also launched a new product—said to be the first and only product line blended with natural cotton—CottonTouch. The new formulation is designed for newborn sensitive skin. According to Johnson's, the latest addition is clinically proven to be mild, hypoallergenic and pH balanced, which helps preserve the mildly acidic pH of babies' skin.

And because of its easy-to rinse and light-weight formula, it makes bathing and massaging routines between parents and babies a simpler and more convenient experience. 

Choose Gentle

Choose gentle for you and your baby

As your baby's skin is soft and delicate, you need to take special care of it. And when you're applying skincare onto your baby's skin, you’re doing so much more than just protecting it.

So next time you're picking up products to care for your baby's skin, remember to choose gentle, made-for-baby products that not only help strengthen your baby's first line of defence but also strengthen the connection between you and your baby. 

The full Johnson's range will be available islandwide from May 2019.


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