Reddit Users Share Creative Activities Mums Can Do While Breastfeeding

Reddit Users Share Creative Activities Mums Can Do While Breastfeeding

Stay productive while nursing with these creative activities!

Feeling a little restless just scrolling on your phone while breastfeeding? Then these stationary activities suggested by users on Reddit might just be the answer for you!

Ideas and recommendations on what mums can do started pouring in when a parent posted on Reddit asking for any ‘non-screen’ activities they could do while breastfeeding their baby. User Book_wrm specified that they wanted something to do that didn’t involve mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching television. 

Other parents replied with creative suggestions in what they could do while feeding their little one. 

1. Reading

Breastfeeding may take longer than expected according to your baby’s needs. Reddit user BreadPudding suggested using this time to read. Despite the activity still involving your phone screen, they said they usually read e-books. Another Redditor called champagneandcupcakes also agreed, saying they already invested in a Kindle and “it’s been a game-changer.”

But for mums who prefer traditional reading, BreadPudding also added: “You can probably borrow a lot from your local library.”

2. Audiobooks or Podcasts

To add to the reading activities, a number of Redditors gave the idea of listening to audiobooks and podcasts instead while cradling your baby as you breastfeed. Redditor CharlietheCactus also added that “it’s easiest one-handed to hold a phone with the kindle app and read books that way.”

productive things to do while breastfeeding

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3. Knitting or Crochet

Other Redditors also agreed with a user named UnableHorse who suggested trying “knitting, crochet, embroidery, rug punching etc.” This was if mums were able to breastfeed hands-free and are willing to try out the “tricky” activity involving needles. 

4. Brain-boosting Games

Redditor littlebassoonist said that instead of scrolling through Reddit of Twitter, they like to do various brain puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku and more so mums can keep their minds activated while breastfeeding. 

5. Journalling

Busterbluth21 said journalling was a great activity to do while breastfeeding your baby. They shared, “You could always jot down things they did that day while feeding.” This way you can remain productive while also keep track of what you’ve been doing and what you’ve been planning to do in the future. 

productive things to do while breastfeeding

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6. Be Productive

You don’t have to feel so helpless while breastfeeding for Redditor witnge gave a few productive things you could do like colouring with one hand. While it still involves using your phone, they also suggested video-calling other family members or do online grocery shopping and pay bills. 

7. Just Sit Back And Relax

Breastfeeding is no easy task and could take a toll on any mother. That’s why the same Redditor also advised that just taking naps every chance you can get. After all that nursing and other chores you must be doing the rest of the day, you deserve it. The user added, “breastfeeding is also a chance to savour a cup of tea or coffee since even if there’s stuff to do I can’t do it anyway.”

Maybe you’ll discover other fun and productive activities to do while on your breastfeeding journey that doesn’t involve being hooked to spending all that time checking social media updates. 


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