How can I breastfeed comfortably?

How can I breastfeed comfortably?

Wondering how you can breastfeed comfortably? Here are some tips.

How can I breastfeed comfortably?

Breastfeeding sessions may take up to 40 minutes in the early days. It is therefore important to pick a comfortable place for the sessions. Find a quiet spot if you are easily distracted by noise or if you find the feeding times boring, you may want to feed in front of the television.

Do this only when breastfeeding is well established or watching TV may become a distraction. Some mothers may even read a book or surf the internet during breastfeeding sessions. You‘ll have to find a place and a position which what works best for you.

Hold your baby in a position that won't leave your arms and back sore and support your arms and back with cushions if necessary. You and your baby should be relaxed before you start feeding. If latching on hurts, break the suction by inserting your little finger between your baby's gums and your nipple - and try to latch on again. Once you ensure that your baby latches on properly, she‘ll be able to do the rest.

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