Mum shocked by violation of privacy at Singapore baby care room!

Mum shocked by violation of privacy at Singapore baby care room!

Read this Singapore mum's experience, and why she she experienced a violation of privacy at Singapore baby care room recently...

Don't babies deserve some privacy during diaper change time too? This concern was expressed by a Singapore mum, who had a not-so-pleasant experience at a baby room in Singapore, just yesterday!

Privacy in Singapore baby care room

changing a diaper

Singapore mum Elizabeth, shared her experience on Facebook, last night. The incident happened on 29 May, in the baby care room at Changi Airport Terminal 3, next to the Hello Kitty Cafe.

This mummy of an 18-month-old daughter writes, "My husband and I were in the midst of changing my daughter's diaper when this man barged in, intruding into our privacy."

She goes on, "The nursing room was not spacious and could only fit one family at a time. There was no lock and our pram was parked right next to the door. This man, knowing that the room was occupied and the pram was in the way, still opened the door, squeezed and barged in to fill up his flask with hot water. Hubby and I were not pleased about his inconsideration but we kept quiet. So be it."

Mum shocked by violation of privacy at Singapore baby care room!

The man wasn't apologetic at all, apparently, and even seemed to be irritated that the stroller was blocking his way. Elizabeth writes, "When this man wanted to leave and our pram was still in his way to get out, he shook his head and gave a "dirty" look."

"I then told him that this is a nursing room. He raised his voice and shouted that it's meant for public use and he's not in the wrong. He dared us to call security, which I went to but there was no one around. My husband shouted "security" loudly and the guy quickly left."

Are baby care room facilities really meant for public use?

What do you feel, readers? Are baby care /nursing room facilities really meant for public use? Or is the abuse of nursing rooms getting a bit too much?

Mummy Elizabeth tells theAsianparent, "To be fair, if no one was using the nursing room and he had gone in to take hot water, that's fine. Or if he were to seek permission or ask politely, we would be fine to allow him to enter. But that was not the case."

"My main concern is the door was closed but this man still made his way in. As a parent, I felt an intrusion into our privacy because we were changing our daughter's diaper. Some may feel that it's a public area for all to use, but different parents have different comfort levels."

She has already complained about the incident, "There were clear signs on the nursing room door and water dispenser. I've also lodged a police report with the APP for invasion of privacy. But was told that it may only be a blank report for record purposes, as no offence was committed, that is, the man did not take photos of my daughter that I know of, or the man did not tamper with the lock to enter the room."

Mum shocked by violation of privacy at Singapore baby care room!

"As a parent, I'm definitely not ok with a stranger, and this is a man we are talking about, barging in whilst changing my daughter's diaper. I'm bringing this up as I'm sure many other parents face this issue as well. And also (going) to feedback to Changi Airport to have locks installed at nursing rooms."

"If this man is an airport staff, I hope the management at Changi Airport will take the necessary action."

Public reactions to her post seem to be divided. Many parents expressed concern at the way nursing room facilities like hot water were very often used to make instant noodles, and sofas to rest tired feet after a day of shopping. And of course, we recently covered the story of a Singapore couple who chose a nursing room for their hot love making session!

Many others, however, found no fault with taking hot water, as it could be for children waiting outside, for all you know. 

We are not really sure why this man used the baby room's hot water dispenser to refill his flask, but we do empathise with this mummy, whose daughter, though a baby, was exposed during diaper changing time. There are many perverts out there, and we think it's only fair that parents are constantly worried about their kids' privacy.

What do you think about this issue, readers? Do let us know your opinion in the poll below:

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