Royal Hand-Me-Downs: Princess Charlotte seen wearing Prince George's old baby clothes

Royal Hand-Me-Downs: Princess Charlotte seen wearing Prince George's old baby clothes

The adorable Princess Charlotte was spotted wearing big brother Prince George's old baby clothes

Just like non-royal siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have recently been spotted sharing clothes. The princess was recently photographed wearing her big brother’s old clothes while they were feeding geese near Kensington Palace with their nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Princess Charlotte was seen wearing a crimson cardigan and red striped dungarees—the same outfit worn by Prince George back in 2014, while he was on his first overseas royal tour in Australia.

Who wore it better?

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George (left) in 2014; Princess Charlotte (right) in 2016 (Photos:

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It’s fantastic to see their down-to-earth parents Prince William and Kate Middleton save their baby clothes for their next child, and this isn’t even the first time the Windsor babies have been observed sharing clothes. For his first appearance on the balcony, Prince George wore the same white shirt and blue shorts that Prince William had 32 years ago for his grandmum’s birthday.

More recently, for last June’s Trooping of the Colour ceremony, Prince George was seen wearing a blue-trimmed peter pan collar shirt and blue shorts, the exact same ensemble worn by Prince William in 1984 to Prince Harry’s Christening.

Prince William and Prince George

Prince William (left) in 1984; Prince George (right) in 2016

Royals—they’re just like us!

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