The Royal Reunion: Prince Harry meets orphan friend after 11 years

The Royal Reunion: Prince Harry meets orphan friend after 11 years

In 2004, a royal prince and a South African orphan met and the most unexpected friendship began. The two got to meet again, 11 years later, at the ground-breaking ceremony for Prince Harry's charity.

One is royalty, the other - an orphan from Lesotho, Africa.

Prince Harry met Mutsu Postane in 2004, when he was just 4.

Mutsu's parents had both died of AIDS, in an African country ravaged by the disease. Harry and Postane have been close friends ever since.

On Thursday, 26 November, Prince Harry who had just arrived in the region for a weeklong tour of Lesotho and South Africa, met with Potsane at the ground-breaking of the Mamohato Children's Centre — a new facility within his Sentebale charity, which helps children living with poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Since the two met, 11 years ago, they have kept in contact through letters, where Mutsu Potsane writes about how he fairs with the aid of Sentebale.

The Royal Instagram released a photograph of a letter written by Mutsu a year ago to mark the opening of the Mamohato Childrens Center.

Prince Harry got to meet his pen pal at the Mamohato Children's Center, a brand new facility under the Sentebale charity.

Prince Harry mentions in his speech at the center that they are both united in the shared understanding of what it is like to lose a parent.

"We shared a similar feeling of loss, having a loved one, in my case a parent, snatched away so suddenly," the Prince said. "I, like them, knew there would always be a gaping hole that could never be filled."

The center has sections dedicated to Princess Diana, Prince Harry's late mother, and Olga Powell, his former nanny.

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