How can I prevent my child's allergies?

How can I prevent my child's allergies?

A reader asks Dr Lee from MT E on how to prevent her child from getting allergies.

Preventing eczema

My child has allergy symptoms such as rashes, wheezing. I have a history of eczema. What can I do to prevent his allergies? How can I build his immunity?

If your child has rashes and wheezing problems, he might already have allergy problems, especially if you have a family history of eczema. The chance that your child has allergies is quite strong. If these symptoms have been persisting for a while, the likelihood is very high. On how to control or prevent his symptoms, one way is to understand the environment that may trigger his symptoms. The other is that you may have to rely on some medication and skin care for his rashes. His immunity is not weak, but if he has allergies, then he has an over-reactive immune system against these environmental allergens. Working with your doctor and controlling his symptoms will improve his health tremendously.


About Dr Lee Bee Wah

Dr Lee Bee Wah is a Paediatrician from Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. Dr Lee has a special interest in the areas of Paediatric Allergic Diseases, Epidemiology or allergy diseases in children, Allergen characterisation - and dust mite allergens, Probiotics in the prevention of allergic diseases and Childhood Vaccines.

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Roshni Mahtani

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